Cornell Locker Room Quotes - Friday

Here are some postgame quotes from the Broncos 6-1 loss Friday night to Cornell. We caught up cith coach Culhane and Dana Lattery after the game.


Q: What happened in that first period?

Culhane: "Well, it was the first seven minutes. They responded with three goals." Culhane said. "It was tough to battle back from that."

Culhane: "The one that really takes the wind out of your sails was that fourth goal. We had some momentum. We only gave up two shots in the second period but they were able to score one goal," Culhane said.

Culhane: "They were just much more physically stronger than we were on the cycle," Culhane said.

Culhane: "I think there were some loose pucks that we could get to that we didn't get to," Culhane said.

Culhane: "If you let them get there first they are going to start the cycle. You have to eliminate them by either physical contact or by getting to the puck first." Culhane said.

Culhane: "We can play better, there's no question about that," Culhane.

Q: What were the things that you did over the four-game win stretch that you didn't do tonight?

Culhane: "We didn't win a lot of the individual battles. We need to get puck possession," Culhane said.

Q: What about Mike Mantua's game?

Culhane: "He played OK. He and everybody need to play better," Culhane said.

Culhane: "Our down low D-zone coverage wasn't very good. We gave up the front of the net on a number of chances," Culhane said.

Junior captain Dana Lattery

Q: How good was that Cornell team?

Lattery: "They are a very good team. They caught us on our heals," Lattery said.

Q: What can you do to improve tomorrow?

Lattery: "We have got to shoot the puck just as much as we keep the puck out," Lattery said.

Q: Talk about being back on the ice?

Lattery: "It felt great. My lungs need a little adjusting. It's good to be back but not to lose like that," Lattery said.

Lattery: "We made them look good tonight by standing around and letting them beat us out of the corner," Lattery said.

Q: What happened in the first seven minutes?

Lattery: "They have a big strong team and I think guys were kind of sitting back, a little afraid to hit them. But they're big guys, the bigger they are the harder they fall," Lattery said.

Q: Talk about your goal?

Lattery: "I just tried to get the puck flat and shoot it at the net and hope it goes in," Lattery said.

Q: How's your stick handling?

Lattery: "That wasn't a problem. We were worried about getting and taking hits but that it felt great out there," Lattery said.

Q: How about the fourth UC goal?

Lattery: "That goal took the wind out or our sails. The fans were going crazy and we were all on the bench and we were feeling it coming but we let them get that goal and we all just kinda sat back on the bench," Lattery said. "That was the turning point."

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