Locker Room Quotes - Saturday

The Broncos dropped Saturday's game 3-2 in overtime. Cornell finished the weekend with a sweep and we spoke to coach Culhane and several players afterward.

Head Coach Jim Culhane

"We gave a heck of a hockey team a good run for their money." Culhane said. "I think the team deserved better than a loss…it hurts."

"I told the team afterwards that nothing I can say will help with how you feel in your gut," Culhane said. "With that said I want you to think about where that execution was last night."

"Both teams battled very hard. That was an NCAA playoff game atmosphere," Culhane said.

Q: Why did you choose to go with Brian Pasko?

"I felt that after looking after the tape we had some lapses in our down low D-zone coverage. We needed to make adjustments to get a better effort defensively," Culhane said.

"Is there a moral victory out of this? Not right now, but in some time there could be. And that will be determined through the course of the year," Culhane said.

"I'm real proud of our effort," Culhane said.

Assistant captain Paul Davies (scored WMU's second goal)

Q: Is this loss harder to take than last night's 6-1 defeat?

Davies: "I think tonight is a little harder because we gave a pretty good effort. If we put out that kind of effort we are going to win nine times out of 10," Davies said.

Q: Who got the team fired up for the game tonight?

Davies: "I think it came from within, it was everybody. It's a lesson we've got to learn," Davies. "Last night, if we play like that, that's what's going to happen. If we show up it's going to be a different story."

Q: Is a two-week layover good or bad?

Davies: "When you lose one like that you want to play right away," Davies said.

Goalie Mike Mantua

Q: Talk about the second goal?

Mantua: "I stood up to look for the shot and I pulled myself up out of the way of the shot. It got under me, I was caught looking for it," Mantua said.

Q: Did it catch someone on the way threw?

Mantua: "I don't even know," Mantua said.

Q: What did you think of the defensive performance?

Mantua: "The D played excellent tonight. You can't ask for a better effort than that," Mantua said. "We are going to win a lot of games like that, it's a tough one tonight."

Q: Compare the two losses?

Mantua: "It proves we can play with anyone. Will still have more. We can play with these teams," Mantua said.

Freshmen Brent Walton (shorthanded goal in the 1st period)

Q: Compare the first periods from last night and tonight?

Walton: "It was obvious that we came out with a lot more jump but it just didn't happen tonight," Walton said.

Q: What happened in the third period (2 WMU shots)?

Walton: "Their team is great defensively. We needed one more goal to get a little insurance and we didn't get it," Walton said.

Q: Did it feel like you guys had it in overtime?

Walton: "Momentum doesn't count in overtime because anything can happen," Walton said.

Q: Did you try to utilize your speed against CU size?

Walton: "They have some big boys over there. We tried to use our speed to get around them," Walton said.

Q: Talk about your goal?

Walton: "I was looking at (Jeff) Campbell, trying to look like I was going to pass. It was kind of a no-look shot," Walton said.

Q: What was the feeling on the bench after they tied the game?

Walton: "I don't know what the feeling was but I know nobody let down," Walton said.

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