Reed's Centenary Quotes

On Saturday following the Broncos 72-52 victory over the Centenary Gents Ben Reed took the time to talk to the media. Ben talked about getting the victory, about the play of Reggie Berry and Nick Evola and he talked about his lack of scoring so far this season.

Thoughts on getting a win after the let down at Miami.

"Yeah, it was real nice. We knew we had to come out and play hard today. We let one get away from us at Miami so we knew we just had to play hard, we had to come out and get this victory because they are a good team. Pretty much we just have to get our confidence back on the offensive end. We played solid defense tonight but a lot of people stepped up off the bench tonight. That helped us out a lot. So, we just knew we had to come out and play hard."

Talks about what Coach McCullum said at half to turn things around after a sluggish first half.

"Pretty much he just said we are playing solid defense but we got to start scoring on offense and we got to get a lot more bench production which we did. We just want to come out fired up and we know every second half the first four minutes of the second half, that's the crucial point of the game. We couldn't let them get back into it so we got to come back out with a lot of energy. Which we did tonight."

Ben talks about what the Broncos were doing during the first five minutes in regards to playing a team like Centenary.

"We knew that they was a good team. We knew that point guard; he averaged 22 points a game so we knew he was a good player. So our focus this week was pretty much getting him out of his game. Because he is pretty much the focus of the offense and the focus of the team so we just tried to contain him which we did tonight and we just came out to victory."

He talks about the battle both teams waged in trying to control the tempo of the game.

"No, that's pretty much how it was. We just tried to make them shoot the ball. We knew their scorer was number-one (Andrew Wisniewski). He's a good player because he averages 22 a game as I said before, but at the same time we just knew that they had a lot of slash on their team. We couldn't let them get easy buckets which they got a lot of easy buckets in the first half but we just had to dig down in the second half and try to just let him shoot it, make him shoot it."

Ben talks about the play of Reggie Berry and Nick Evola.

"We know that to be a good team we got to have a lot of bench production and Reggie Berry came off today and he played real. Nick Evola played good too. So, that's just going to boost their confidence up and it's going to make our squad a lot deeper. They're trying to just focus on six people while our focus is on seven, eight and nine people. That's pretty much why because he recruited the way he recruited because he wanted to have a nine to ten man rotation."

He talks about going into Auburn with a victory.

"Yeah, it's real good to go because pretty much it gives us confidence on our offense and on our bench play and Auburn is a good team. So, to have confidence in going down there is a must."

Ben talks about why he is not shooting that well this season.

"No, it ain't that (rehab). I'm just not shooting the ball pretty much. That sums it up. I'm not shooting the ball. Coach McCullum is getting after me about shooting the ball because right now I'm just trying to do whatever I can to help the team win. I know I need score. I know in tight situations, in tight situations I want the ball regardless, regardless if I'm shooting the ball or not I want the ball. Because that's the type of player I am. I'm a competitor like that but I'm just taking my time right now and I know my shot is going to start coming. I ain't worried about that."

He talks about playing most of the game with a patch over his eye from taking an elbow and how it affected his game.

"No (it didn't affect his game). I just went up for a rebound and I just got elbowed. It pretty much got me fired up a little bit to come back out there because I really didn't want to miss no part of the game. But, I was just fired up a little bit that's all."

Ben talks about the team's defense and whether or not they are concerned about the shooting woes.

"Oh no, we're not concerned about that because we can always get into the gym; we get in the gym tonight, we get into the gym whenever we want too. We know our defense is going to stop people but we know our offense is going to win games. We got a lot of scorers on our team that can average 10-15, we got a deep bench and we got good players. So we really aren't worry about the scoring because the scoring is going to come."

He talks about the difference in the depth between the Broncos and the Gents.

"It is. We know they had six or seven players, we had nine or ten players that could go in. We know the way we play we go up and down and we know we are going to wear people out because we still have fresh legs…"

Ben talks about Anthony Kann.

"Anthony, he's a player. I mean, in high school, I saw him play and he was shooting a lot of threes, but last year he didn't shoot any threes because he's a post player. He's just a beast. There ain't too much I could say about him, he's just a player. He can bang it. He can shoot it. He's actually hard to stop right there."

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