The Cousineau Diaries

During finals week Broncos Illustrated sat down with Dave Cousineau and got his latest installment of his diaries. In this installment he talks about the Lake Superior State series, the Cornell series, how exams went for him and he talks about the Broncos power play.

"With Lake State we knew they were a team that was struggling. We knew they were a team that had about 14 or 15 freshmen in their lineup. They didn't have much offensively and they weren't very good defensively. So basically it was a matter of ourselves not playing down to their level and just trying to worry about our own game and how we play. First couple periods in the Friday night against Lake State here we kind of played down to their level, we kind of watched them and it was a pretty slow game. Then, once we started to pick it up a bit and really get skating and get hitting and kind of took the game to them. The same thing the following night, they really didn't give us much five-on-five. We had lots of chances. We were working hard but actually to get the three power play goals that night and win 3-0, from Mike (Mantua) getting the shutout to the team to do all the power plays. It was nice for once on the weekend that we didn't have to rely on a five-on-five game to win a game.

Cornell coming in. I don't know if it was a matter of us kind of respecting them a little too much or us not realizing what we're in for but the first seven minutes of the game they're up 3-0 on us right away. As a team we were all standing around watching them and it's unfortunate to get down that much against a team like them because you're not going to come back. On Saturday night we came out flying, we were hitting, we were skating and we took it to them. We played the way we wanted to play in our own building in front of the big crowd. Unfortunately in the third period they get a bounce to tie the game. It's kind of a cheesy goal to say the least. It goes through Davies legs and goes through Mantua's five-hole too and they tie it up. In overtime the guy just throws it to the net it hits the skate and goes in. It's too bad we had a team like that ranked pretty high coming into Lawson in front of a great enthusiastic crowd and unfortunately this year we didn't get the bounce in overtime.

Personally, I had an exam last week and a lab about a three-hour engineering graphics exam. It was nice to get that over with. This week I had all of my exams on Monday and Tuesday and now I'm done. So I think as a team we're just ice is optional. We've got goalies playing out (as forwards or defensemen); we've got guys playing goalie just having a lot of fun. Just trying to stay in shape and keep the hands going, get a couple of lifts in and I'm done on Tuesday and we don't have another game for about a week and a half. So I think I might go out with some friends tonight, have a little fun for once it's kind of nice to be a regular student for a day or two.

Then we start practicing again as a team on Sunday night and then its back to the grind. Back to preparing for Colorado College and they're a team just like Cornell. They're ranked real high I don't know theirs. They're one or two right now I think or three, maybe. They got guys that can score, they got some fast guys, they got good goalies and it's going to be a real challenge. It's going to be a real fun opportunity to play over there and I'm really looking forward to it.

Dave answers the students and fans questions and comments.

Yeah, it's good to see (3 power play goals against LSSU) hopefully we can carry that over to our games next weekend and the weekend after that. Really this year we haven't, I don't think we've scored two power play goals in a game until tonight. Get all three of our goals on the power play should help out the confidence of some of the guys on those units.

We've got to get points out there. We've got to get a win out there. If you look at Maine and Cornell and Colorado College when you're trying to make the NCAA tournament getting wins against those teams that are ranked that high and records above .500 are so important in the power rankings. I think if you look at that Maine game that we were up and they got a cheesy little goal at the end that one was important. That win that we lost in the last few minutes against Cornell was important. So it's going to be vital for us to go down there and try to get a win out of them. Maybe a couple of wins would be great because to make the NCAA tournament you got to be beating those top ranked teams. Also, I think we need to prove to ourselves that we can beat a team like that and that eventually that could be our team in a few years or even this year that teams are worried about playing and stand up and say well Western is coming to town.

It's unfortunate because we played such a great game on Saturday night and we didn't get the win, but we're making steps as a team and I think that's important. In year's past at Christmas time we looked like we were in great shape and at the end of the year you look back and it doesn't matter what you do before Christmas it's what happens in the stretch. It's a process and we're building on it day in and day out.

We faced a lot of adversity already early on in the year and like I said before it doesn't matter what you do before Christmas. Hopefully we've learned a lot of lessons, hopefully we've learned what it takes to beat one of those top ranked teams and hopefully going into the playoff stretch and trying to get home ice here for the playoffs we can use all these lessons we've already learned. Try to win in the playoffs, go to the Joe, and try to win there and hopefully get a NCAA playoff berth.

I don't know (grades) I will find out in a couple of weeks. I think they should be pretty good. I usually do fairly well in school and I try to keep them up. I try to keep my G.P.A. up as high as I can because hockey won't last forever."

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