The Rost Diaries

Broncos Illustrated sat down with Western Michigan's women's basketball guard sophomore Casey Rost to get her first installment of The Rost Diaries. Casey is currently ranked second in the MAC with 14 three-point field goals. In this weeks entry Casey talks about her schedule, exams, and the challenge of playing three games in six days.

"I think the season is going pretty well. We're on break right now which is nice we don't have classes to worry about and we devote a lot more time to basketball. We'll probably start two-a-days pretty soon. We will be leaving, tomorrow morning have practice and we leave right after that for Kansas so we will be gone a whole week. Pretty much we will be on the road for three games in about six days. It's going to test us physically and mentally during that I would imagine. I think our team is doing really well. We started out really strong. We have weaknesses that we need to improve and we try to improve on those everyday. So things are looking better and better and we're starting to gel and stuff. I'm excited to see where we will end up in at the end of the season.

When there's class' it's really hectic because you have morning class. I had classes from anywhere from 8:00 to 12:00 and I had to come to get to practice at 12:15 to about 3:30, lift until 4:00 and then I'd go to class from 4:00 to about, on Mondays I go from about 4:00 to about 8:30 at night. So I was never home, so I am pretty excited that school's out for awhile to get a break. My classes next semester is hard schedule wise. Get more relaxation time hopefully. Basketball pretty much takes up about every spare minute that you have because mainly you can't do a lot of things. Like you can't hang out with friends as much or you can't meet you people. Like say you're around the team a lot, and there's nothing wrong with that, I'm not complaining about that because I love everybody on the team but pretty much there's like a major, major, major, major part of your time is devoted to basketball. That and school.

Exams are really not very exciting for me because I had one at 8:00am everyday. So I was up and I had sixteen credits and I had six classes and I had six exams. Lots of studying, lots of stressing out but they all went well. I'll have a pretty good G.P.A. overall. I learned a lot of hyper classes from my physical education major. They don't sound that hard but they are a lot more difficult than I thought they were going to be. I think I am somewhere around, like I have a three-point (G.P.A.). I struggled my freshman year coming in the first semester. It was a new atmosphere, new classes, new professors and everything but other than that I have been improving every semester so I should have probably around a three-three maybe, three-four accumulative after this semester hopefully.

I'm really excited for this week's games because we're playing the number two team in the nation. Well, we have our first game to worry about and hopefully we'll come out strong because they will be gunning for us because they haven't won yet. They play Kansas also, right after that so they are going to want to win before that. Basically the test for us is going to be a lot of games in a short amount of time and hopefully we will be able to react nicely to it and come out with victories. I would be crazy to say I'm expecting to going into Kansas and dominate. I just want to go in there and compete with them. If we beat them it's going to be an awesome feeling because it would be the biggest upset. But we just got to go over there and play and not expect to dominate or expect to just do normal things that we're used to doing against people like us in everyday practice."

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