One-on-One with Rost

Earlier this week Broncos Illustrated sat down with Western Michigan's sophomore standout Casey Rost. Casey gave here thoughts on how she is playing so far this season, on growing up playing basketball against her brother and his friends and she talked about her brother coming to Western Michigan next season.

Talk about your shooting game. It seems like a lot of people talk about a sophomore jinx and last year you were the MAC Freshman of the Year. You come in this year, you already fourteen threes. Do you believe in anything such as a sophomore jinx?

"I wouldn't say I believe in anything as a sophomore jinx. If anything it's because when you come in as a freshman, people don't know who you are so you're able to surprise a lot of defenses and stuff. I am going to keep playing strong and I'm not going to focus on "ooh, a jinx" or whatever. I struggled the last game shooting wise. I don't plan on doing that anytime in the future again, so I'm going to get in the gym and shoot a lot more and practice because I don't really like missing all my shots."

I noticed during practice you were taking some extra shots, do you do that a lot by yourself when you're practicing? Maybe take a few more shots than everybody else, you may stay a little bit longer than everybody else and get out on the floor sooner than most people?

"I try to, if I've found any part of my game that I don't like or that I'm struggling with I will put some extra time in to practicing and trying to improve on that. I don't want to have any weaknesses. I don't want defenses to feel or say "well she can't shoot off the dribble or she can't go left," or whatever they might say. I don't want any of that. I want them to be like "well we have to play her straight up so that you never know what she is going to do." I don't have any problem with shooting extra or coming in early or staying late. Especially now, there's nothing to really do because there's no school to worry about so when there's all this free time shooting around extra beats sitting watching TV you know."

Talk a little bit about growing up with your brother (Levi Rost) and what kind of an environment it was in your house.

"I'm really excited for him to come because we've been really close. I'm a minute older so all of our friends are mutual friends and we've been pretty much playing basketball since we were old enough to walk. Basically we started playing in organized leagues when we was five and like leagues just progressed in talent or whatever. I've always played against my brother and his friends rather than playing against girls my age or whatever. So that was always like a positive influence on me and he would always push me and I would always push him to try to get better we have never settled. Our dad had a lot of influence on that where he always wanted us to be our best and whatever. We don't want to let him down or disappoint him so we always try to succeed at whatever we do. I mean not just in basketball but in everything, like just in life in general."

Do you know why he chose to go to Lansing Community College first and why he chose to come to Western? Is it you're here or…

"He chose Lansing Community College I'm pretty sure because out of high school he wasn't as big, he was still growing and he wasn't as strong as he wanted to be. He has a really hard work ethic and he wanted to come into a Division I college being as strong as he could and he knew that if he played two years at LCC or at a community college that it would make him stronger physically. Then he would get the competition of playing against college guys. Pretty much he wanted to come and contribute to a major college as well as he could and he wanted to practice against them. So he was set out to be challenged I guess."

So were you one of the factors of him choosing to come here?

"I'm not like the factor like the number one factor. But I think I would like to think that I was one of the factors. Yeah, I think I'm probably a factor of why he came here. I mean he's talked to the coaches and he really likes the coaches and he liked the players and he had a good time on his official visit. I think that he will gel well with the guys' team and he realizes that too."

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