The Rost Diaries

Casey Rost sits down and gives Broncos Illustrated her latest installment of her diaries. She talks about the women's basketball team's trip to Kansas, about the disadvantages of being a student-athlete instead of a regular students and she talks about what she did in the spare time that she had available.

"We, as a team, have been very busy these past couple of weeks. Between practices, games and our outside lives, it is hard to find spare time. We just recently returned home from our second road trip to Kansas. We flew into Kansas City, Missouri, and stayed around that area for four days. After the flight, we had to go to the hotel and up pack then proceed straight to dinner. The following morning I woke up bright and early to go to pre-game shoot around at UMKC's gym. Our first game on this trip was against UMKC, and we unfortunately lost. It is really disheartening knowing that you lost to a team that you should have beat. We just weren't ready as a team to play and a couple of calls did not go our way in the final stretch. All of the flying and traveling really catches up to you. Immediately after the game, we hopped back on the bus and drove to Kansas State's gymnasium to play a game with one day's rest. We played against Kansas State who is ranked among the top five in the nation. I think this was a really good game for us. We finally starting playing at a higher level, a level we are capable of playing all of the time. We lost, but battled hard the entire game. After the game, we yet again returned to the bus to ride back to the airport to fly home the following morning. We had an early flight and had to awake around 7 am to have enough time to make our flight. This particular week was really hectic and tiring, not only from the flights and bus rides, but also from the games and practices. To make matters worse, we had yet another game the following day. This game would make 3 events in 5 days. However, this did not seem to affect the team because we came out ready to play and ended up beating IPFW pretty bad. It felt really good because in the previous two games we were 0-2.

A really hard part of being a student-athlete is the fact that you don't get as much time off as regular students. Most students have been on break for over a month and have returned home to be with their friends and families. Our winter break consisted of three days. It was really nice to go home and see family members that I have not seen in awhile though. But, since I rarely have time to return home, I had to fit lots of people in a short period of time. I had a different Christmas party each day, and even numerous ones on certain days. My days at home flew bye. Before I knew it, I had to come back to Western and practice on the 26th and prepare to play against Purdue. We practiced hard on the 26th and had two practices on the 27th to help us get ready to play against another top 10-ball club. We had to get back on a bus and drive to Purdue University on the 28th and played them on the 29th. It was an early morning again because shoot around was at 8 am and tip off was at 2pm. We battled hard the second half of the game and almost came back from a 21-point deficit to pull off the upset. We had the game within 2 points but Purdue capitalized during the final minutes. It still says a lot about our teams' improvement and drive to climb out of the hole we dug in the first half and almost run away with the victory. We lost by 8 points, but learned some valuable lessons and gained some confidence as a team.

Now we are in the middle of practicing for our next home game against Montana on the 2nd. In the limited free time that I have, I went to several movies and to the mall. Sometimes, I just need a moment outside of basketball to take time for myself, considering this free time will be short lived. This is because school will be starting back up again next week, and I am not very enthused about that. It has been really nice to just be able to concentrate on basketball and not be so concerned with the academic part. Hopefully, we will play well in our next game and come out with the victory."

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