Coach Robin Selvig Quotes

Coach Robin Selvig, head coach of the Montana Lady Griz talked to the media following the Broncos exciting 76-64 victory over the visiting Lady Griz. Coach Selvig talked about the performance of junior Jill Henkel and sophomore Katie Edwards; he talks about the why he was upset at the half, and the performance of his team in the second half.

"I thought Western did a great job in the first half, shot lights out. I was very disappointed in our effort in the first half but I think you got to give Western Michigan a lot of credit. They've got a lot of weapons and they shot it great. The big kid (Kristin Koetsier) kicked us all night. We really never did do a good job at defending her. So it was too good of a team to come out and spot them and give them a big lead at halftime. We spent a little too much energy getting back and not enough for getting it back to one because we seemed to run out of gas after we caught them."

Coach, Henkel and Edwards seem to pick up for you in the second half can you talk about them a little bit?

"Well, we haven't been shooting it great on the perimeter this year. Those are two good shooters and just the nature of the game where the shots were coming from, the way they were playing the zone and trap. You are going to get some perimeter shots and fortunately we hit some. We had it inside quite a bit, which we had on a little bit of size advantage on a actually size of a couple of good post girls scoring down there. I thought the nature of the game we needed to make some perimeter shots against them and we did. Jill stepped up and had a big game that was a career high for her. It just seemed we ran out of gas when we got 61-60. We came down against the press that they've been running the whole game and all of a sudden we wanted to dribble and not reverse it. But again, they're a really nice team and they just got a lot of weapons. It's tough to get help of course when the big girl, especially when they started out lighting it on the perimeter. We don't generally feel like we are going to give up forty-six points in a half. Either we are going to tie them up in the second half and come out and get after it or go home. Well, we got after it anyway so it wasn't too bad."

You didn't get to the free throw line too often. That hurts.

"Can't talk about that. Never got it inside I guess."

Was that why you were a little bit upset at halftime?

"Oh no, we weren't playing well enough the first half. I'm not taking anything away from Western. Not, not playing well enough, I didn't think we played with the intensity that we take pride in playing with in the first half. They were kicking our behinds in passing, shooting. No, I was disappointed with how we played. Those other things come into play and you just have to you don't not worry about them and overcome them out there. Man, we got that game down to 61-60 after looking like we weren't going to be in it."

As soon as you guys got that game close, it seemed like the crowd woke up a little bit which ended up helping out the Broncos.

"Well, we had a couple of turnovers in that stretch. But, they're a really good team and obviously when you have a lot of supporters and they're really well coached you just can't, I think we need to be at the top of our game the whole game and they played better than us tonight. They really did."

Is this your guys' last non-conference game?

"No, we actually have two more. We go home and play one Sunday and then we go to Utah again which we had just played last week. We've had a pretty good schedule. There haven't been any easy ones including Western Michigan as a matter of fact."

Did they do anything, I don't want to say I don't want to put a little preparation but they caught you off guard either with their zone or their press or where some scoring came from?

"No, not really. I really thought they did a better job of moving the ball and getting shots than we did reacting and covering. I mean our zone is really good when we're talking, intense and getting after it. We just held a really good Utah team to forty-nine points for the game and they got a ton of shooters. We were a step slow or they were a step quicker tonight and so the first half they had good shots, I noticed they didn't miss any. When they had them those were pretty good shots so they did a good job getting them. If there wasn't anything, we got lots of video, we saw what they do they just did it a lot better than we defended it the first half. The second half they go from 46 to 30, sixty three percent to thirty nine percent gives you a chance to win."

Did you change anything up at halftime or was that just to make it…

"No, I just asked them if they wanted to go out and play harder or if we wanted to go home now. That's what I thought. But, I'm looking at my team. I'm sure he's (WMU Head Coach Ron Stewart) looking at his team lighting it up and they're not in the game. I just didn't think we had the effort against that good of a team to play with it. We seemed to not give up but instead of when the other team scoring and us getting more chances we seem to just kind of "okay, they're ahead by fifteen." But, there wasn't a lot of fight and vigor and I was proud of our team in the second half we had that."

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