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The Broncos Kristin Koetsier took the time following the Broncos 76-54 victory over Montana to talk to the media. Kristin talked about playing against a tough Montana defense, she tells us whether or not anyone can stop her and she talks about the importance of the win heading into conference play.

You were a little slow going and then all of a sudden it seemed like you just took over and wanted the ball.

"I don't know. I just felt that I could score against these girls. My confidence each (game) going out you have to see what the post players can do against you. It wouldn't have helped if they were dropping, double teaming inside and they weren't really doing that so basically it was pretty open in side."

It seems like they were focusing more on perimeter shooting covering Casey (Rost) leaving you and a few others open on the inside.

"I'm so used to having that guard opposite drop so it was kind of they were all on Casey so it was go inside."

There is some pretty big post players that you were playing against.

"The last couple of games have been pretty big, pretty beat up. But we keep on seeing what you can do against taller competition because every year you got to go up against a team that big especially in the conference."

Is there anybody out there that can stop you?

"Probably, yeah. I'm not going to say no because I don't want that day to come be an important day. I'm sure I have my on nights, off nights and the team picks me up if I have off nights. So, that's what's so great about our team."

In that defense talk about playing so much zone.

"I like it. It gets tired at first going from block to block trying not to let the post catch but like I said our guards, they help me a lot. So it was fun. It was a new challenge for us."

It seemed to help you guys out a lot though.

"Oh yeah. Because I mean their offense against the man zone, we watched a lot of tape, was to just lob it inside and we did not want that to happen. It happened a little bit in the zone but not as much as…

Did you have a lot of help?


Now you guys have played teams that have gone on to play in the tournament, you guys still got another tournament team later on in the season. Talk about heading into conference play and how you see this victory helping you.

"It's only a confidence booster. We're really excited to see what we can do in the conference. I think it's our turn though, in the conference, to go to the tournament. We always play the teams that go to the tournament. Why can't it be us? We almost beat Purdue, we contend with Kansas State and I think we will surprise a lot of people."

Any New Year's resolutions made for yourself?

"A lot. I haven't given them time to go through them all. The most important for basketball is just to have fun every day and not get so stressed about every loss or every thing I've done wrong or the team's done wrong, just to have fun. I only got one and a half years left so hopefully…"

Kristin talks about shooting more.

"Most of the time Autumn (assistant coach Autumn Rademacher) is yelling at me just to shoot it. Because sometimes, well most of the time I travel because me feet aren't really set. So she's like just shoot it. So, I'm not that good of an outside shooter obviously. It's better someone else be taking the outside shot so I just felt I could do it especially against Villegas (Corrie Villegas) seeing she was fast enough to guard me."

I think against kids your size you're quicker than they are.

"Which I'm happy with. That's been a big challenge for me because last year that wasn't the case. I didn't really have my foot speed back after coming back from everything. I worked really hard this summer at that now I'm happy that that's back."

That spin move that turned into an underhand hook.

"I really didn't know what I was doing there (laughing) but I was like "please go in." We work on a lot of postings every day so we always do your favorite move or do a move that you think you would do and sometimes I just do whatever. I think that should be enough when I catch the ball on a block in practice so those help."

Do you think the work on Tuesday, you guys were practicing on penetrating their defense a lot, do you think the practice that you had on Tuesday really helped prepare you to get that inside shooting on their defense?

"Yeah, definitely. We had a light practice one of those days and came back and hit it strong. I think so, definitely."

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