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Western Michigan University hockey coach Jim Culhane talked to the media following the Broncos 4-1 victory over the University of Findlay Oilers. Coach talked about the game, about pulling goaltender Mike Mantua for Scott Foster before the start of the third period and he talked about the upcoming weekend series with Michigan.

"I was pretty pleased. I was really happy with the way we came out obviously in the first couple of shifts and getting on the board right away. Getting up 3-0 there in that first period and then I think we got away from some of the things that we did well in the first period in the second period. Just didn't execute with the puck that well at times. We gave them some scoring opportunities that led to their goal. I thought we played pretty well again there in the third period. I thought we generated a lot of scoring opportunities but we didn't make a good decision with the puck and ended up in a turnover and it gave them an opportunity to get some scoring chances too. It was good to see, I think that was probably one of Patty Dwyer's best games here in probably a couple of weeks. It's nice to see him with a lot of energy and I thought both guys in net played pretty well too."

Why did you go with Scott (Foster) in the 3rd period?

"Just to give him some minutes. Mike (Mantua) had played; he had played a ton for us. Going into the second half I wanted to get "Fozzie" some minutes here in tonight's hockey game too before we start the second half."

But when you put him in coach the game was only 3-1, it was still a close game. Were you considering that you thought the game was over in your mind?

"No, I made that decision going in. I told both guys pre-game skate today the decision was already made regardless of the score I was either going to split them half or Mike was going to play two periods and "Fozz" was going to play the third period. So I decided Mike played the two periods and played well and then put Scott in there for the third period."

Would you do the same thing for a conference game?

"Not usually you'll just primarily you will just have your starter and just go with that guy for the full three periods."

Vince (Bellissimo) scored his first points in five games. It seemed like he was a little bit hungry out there.

"I think not only him, I think a lot of guys played really well…Had a little bit more jump in our legs and I think that just attributes to some time away from the grind of the year. Coming back with a lot of energy and a lot of emotion a lot of excitement I thought we played really well."

The goaltending change on Findlay's part, (Kevin) Fines played…

"Yeah, he played great. He made a lot of quality saves especially in that second period jeez, I know we had a lot of number of scoring opportunities. He made a lot of nice, on the two on one's a lot of great back door saves a lot of quality saves."

Were you planning on seeing Fines for the game or did you not know exactly?

"I didn't know. No, we didn't know, I didn't know much about our opponent. This is the first time we've ever played each other so I really didn't know what to expect."

So were you surprised at the crowd turn out?

"I was very pleased. You don't know what, you've been away from home for so long since almost had been a month here now. So, we didn't know what to expect and we were obviously very pleased with the turn out. It was a great crowd."

How does this team stack up versus the CCHA teams?

"That's tough to say with only one game. I know I think they played well. I think they have Fines who's outstanding in net for them. That's a tough question to answer with only playing one game. I mean they know have played what three CCHA teams? Bowling Green with a one goal loss, Miami with a one goal loss and then Miami blew them out I think the first night too. But, if you look at that and you just look at the statistics obviously they are competing really well with…"

So it's a good tune up I mean after the layoff?

"No question. It's a good win for us and again it's in preparation for a big weekend series now with the home and home with Michigan."

How's Cousineau?

"I couldn't tell you. He blocked a shot. I think it's just a bruise but I'm not sure. I'll talk to him after here."

You had only four seniors dressed.

"We only had four seniors dressed? Cousineau, Townsend, Rumble, Rose, Gagnon was out, Aky was out, Robbie was out yeah that's right.

So you got a lot of youth in there.

"Yeah we do. But on any given night we could have six seniors in there."

Right, I'm just saying you got a lot of young guys getting experience.

"Yeah we do. I agree."

Trevor Cook's stay out a Coach's decision?


A quick look ahead to next weekend's series with Michigan.

"Well, it's a very exciting time. Obviously, anytime we can play a Big Ten school in the Wolverines in making it to the national tournament last year and to the Final Four it's pretty exciting for us. So, looking forward to Friday night's game and you know the "Blackout" here on Saturday. It will all start off on Wednesday we host Central (Michigan) in basketball. It's a "Blackout" there too so I think it will be a lot of fun."

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