Bellissimo and Dwyer Quotes

Following the Broncos 4-1 win over the Findlay Oilers Vince Bellissimo and Pat Dwyer talked to the media. Vince talked about being able to get the puck to Brent Walton with a defender draped all over him, about the importance of getting the victory heading into conference action and about getting back out on the ice after the holiday break.

Vince Bellissimo Quotes

…Put a puck in the net and it's been awhile, think it's frustrating…?

"I've been have a little bit of a rough time with a few things, but finally one goes in and hopefully we can keep it out here, keep it up and hopefully pick it up in the second half. Just keep this up."

Talk about your first assist with the guy draped all over your back.

"The puck was under my feet in the neutral zone. I thought I might get hammered at center ice, but fortunately I had some time and kind of made one move on the first defender and he kind of shifted him off. The second defender came to me and I had Walton driving the net so I just shoved it over to him. It was a pretty simple play and Walton buried it on his backhand. It was a good play."

How important was it to get a 4-1 win tonight especially with next weekend coming up, back into league play?

"I think it was really important to win tonight. We lost four in a row, snapped the streak, start the New Year off pretty well because we haven't played in two weeks so I thought it was important that we have a good effort tonight and get ready to get on a roll in CCHA play."

There was another streak you snapped tonight. You hadn't scored a point in five games.

"Yeah, like I said, I've been having a rough time with a few things but no big deal. Every player has their ups and downs and you got to be mature about it and work hard and just try and pick it up in the second half as much as I can."

So how did it feel getting back out on the ice in game action after the long holiday break?

"We did a good job training all week this week working hard. We had a few skates at the end of practice to make sure we had our legs and we didn't feel too odd. I thought we felt pretty good tonight with our legs and stuff but with another week of practice we will be ready for Michigan."

Talk about that series a little bit.

"I've never, I'm just a freshman this year so I really don't. I'm sure it's going to be a heck of a game. I think we are going to have to play our best hockey of the year and the first game is important at Michigan. Hopefully we can go out there, have a great effort and try and have a great weekend. It's important for us."

Dwyer talked about getting off to a good start and getting the goal 14 seconds into the game, he also talked about the mood in the locker room as well and the importance of playing well against Findlay heading into the Michigan series.

Pat Dwyer Quotes

Talk about how important was getting off to a good start.

"Yeah, it's good to get off on a good start. I think it's something like 14 seconds and it sets the tone for the game. Kind of a new season, the second half, so it's important to get us off to a good start."

You guys feel like, in the locker room it's kind of everything before January 1st it's kind of in the past now.

"Yeah, yeah definitely. It's like, like I said the second half it's kind of a new season. So get off to a good start. With this one over keep going next weekend."

How important was it with Michigan coming up and you got sixteen straight CCHA games coming up to come out here tonight and play well?

"Well, it's good to get a first game in before you're in the CCHA after the break and get us off and rolling. So you know how it feels to win and hopefully moving on.

You guys been staying pretty positive you know four in a row or something like that coming into here but good opponents but what's kind of been the feeling in the locker room? People been kind of staying up?

"Yeah, we've been staying pretty positive. I don't know you can't really get down on yourself. It's a long season so just got to stay positive."

So how important was the holiday break?

"It was a good break. Guys get a chance to go home and get a rest. You know get their mind off hockey for a week and then come back ready to play."

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