The Rost Diaries

Casey Rost gives Broncos Illustrated her latest installment to here diaries. In this installment she talks about her second half class schedule, beating Kent State and Miami and she takes a quick look at the Broncos upcoming game against Northern Illinois.

"It has been a really busy and hectic week. This week marked the beginning of a new semester. I am carrying 16 credit hours and have six different classes. Wednesdays are by far the worst day for me. I have class from 9-9:50, 10-10:50, and 11-11:50. Then I attend practice from 12-3, and depending on our game schedule, lift afterwards. Then, I finish out the day with a class from 5-7:50. My hardest class will probably be Anatomy and the lab that accompanies it. Unfortunately, we traveled to Kent State and missed some of our classes already. So, I need to play catch up next week and figure out what I missed and make the work up.

But, the trip was definitely worth it because we beat the team that was predicted to win the MAC this year. We played really well the entire game and gelled as a team. I think that Kent State thought it was going to be an easy game and were surprised at how well we played against them. It was a great feeling to start the conference season out with a 1-0 record. The bus ride back from Kent, Ohio, was long and tiresome. The game was at 7 pm and by the time we returned back to Kalamazoo it was already 2:30 in the morning. The worst part was getting up the next day to attend class and practice. I felt like I was dragging the entire day. But, when I went home for the evening I went to sleep and felt much better.

We spent the next day of practice preparing for the upcoming Miami game. They were the team that knocked us out of the tournament last year and we all wanted revenge in a way. All of our hard work and dedication paid off, and we are now 2-0 in the conference. We won our game against Miami and were up by as many as 30 points during the game. It is a great feeling knowing that we can compete and even beat the best teams in the MAC. Hopefully, these two wins will give us the confidence and pride it will take to win the whole thing this year.

Winning the MAC would be a great accomplishment and if we continue to work hard and get better everyday in practice, it could be a reality. We had the Sunday after our Miami game off to recuperate and reenergize because we have a tough game coming up against Northern Illinois. They play tough man to man pressure defense, and generally force a lot of turnovers. So, in practice we will probably be working on our offense, getting open, and protecting the ball. We will also be concentrating on the defense we are going to play against them. If we play as a team and everyone is ready to compete we have a great shot at being 3-0 in the league and undefeated at home."

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