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Following the Broncos embarrassing 10-3 loss to Michigan on Friday night, Dana Lattery and Jeff Campbell talked to the media. Lattery talked about the atmosphere of the team, about regrouping following the loss and what they have to do to win at Lawson on Saturday. Campbell talked about his two goal second period, about what was said after the first period and he talks about the third period of Friday's game.

Dana Lattery Quotes

Was the team ready to play tonight?

"What? If we knew that answer we wouldn't have lost 10-3 probably. But, it's a tough question to answer. We are just going to come out like we planned on. We knew they came out hard the first two periods and they just started taking it to us and we just stood around and watched and we got embarrassed."

What was the atmosphere? What were you guys discussing after that first intermission? Is there anything to discuss other than saying it's 7-0, we got to do something?

"Yeah. Some, a little bit of yelling going on but it was just 7-0 and I think everybody knows 7-0 that's embarrassing. Probably the most embarrassing period most of the guys on this team have ever played in. It just can't happen."

Talk about regrouping from tonight's game and coming back tomorrow in front of a home crowd.

"Well we always get up for our home crowd. That's something that comes pretty easy to us. We wanted to take the last two periods and kind of tempo set for tomorrow night. But, our big thing for right now is we got to win on the road. We've won once and that was the first game of the year. We're not so worried about our home games as we are these big road games that we are getting beat like this."

What do you guys got to do to be able to come back and get a victory tomorrow night?

"Well, we just have to come back and play as a team as twenty guys on the same page doing the same thing. You know, sticking to the things we've done all week and working hard. Basically just play as a team. They're beatable; we tied them 3-3 in the last two periods. If we just don't come out that slow and just come out and take it to them instead of sit back and just watch them."

It looked like the only real fire tonight was the third period when started to showed a little…

"Like I said before we never really played well here and it's something we knew coming in and can't really pick apart one thing because it's twenty things out there. Twenty guys on the ice and we are the only one's that can change it. We're going to have to go home and look ourselves in the mirror and say what can I do better to make the team win."

How much did the Michigan mystique play into this victory (for Michigan)? Like you said, you knew coming in you guys don't play very well on the road. You know it's always tough to win here. How much did that play into a factor?

"I think it's always big. It's just kind of in the back of your head and our freshmen have never played here before. It's just something there we got to get rid of it. We got to change that and it's just we haven't been good on the road this year. It would have been nice to change that tonight but we got embarrassed."

Jeff Campbell Quotes

What's to talk about after that first period? Is there anything you really say?

"Basically just embarrassment is the big word. A lot of other stuff was said that probably shouldn't be repeated but we were all embarrassed as a team and rightfully so. So apparently didn't do much about that first period. It hurts a lot being a part of something like that you know you want to, that's the game we just have to come out and work hard and gain back a little respect. We were just embarrassed about that first period, it's tough to deal with that."

You had a chance at a natural hat trick in the second period and just couldn't get the shot off on the power play. What effect did your two goals have for the team?

"I don't know if it really had much of an effect. Finally in the second period try to get a little spark. Just play well in the second and third period and we were even with them in the second and third but we got to play a full sixty. Can't give up in a game like that even when you're down you got to give it your all and have some pride."

That first period tonight kind of give you guys some kind of idea you got to come with tomorrow night right off the bat?

"We definitely expect that coming into the game that they are going to come out strong and we didn't do anything about it. We didn't skate and tomorrow night we got to come out. We're going to have some energy from our crowd and we got to use that and come out strong and hopefully we can have somewhat of the same result in the first period for us on home ice."

Do you expect some guys, maybe some coaches also challenging each other and the players to do a better job tomorrow night?

"You definitely hope so after a game like that. Somebody's got to step up, a bunch of guys have got to step up and challenge some other guys and start getting the best out of each other and bring guys together as a team. You know it's just going to win us games is guys challenging other guys and guys wanting to be the best and make our team the best."

Can you talk about the third period of this game a little bit? Seems like you guys did get a little fire, you scored one goal in the period but there was a lot of after the whistle stuff.

"In a game like that you're embarrassed and you're frustrated. It's hard to hold it back but you want to play with a little bit of dignity there. You're still wearing the jersey, you're down 7-0, and it's your own fault. Can't be doing stupid stuff after the whistle. You just got to suck it up and come out hard the next night."

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