One on One with Kathy Beauregard

Following the Bronco hockey team's victory over the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday, Broncos Illustrated had the opportunity and the extreme honor to be able to sit down with the Broncos Athletic Director, Kathy Beauregard. Kathy talks about the student's performance at Lawson Arena, about when she can be expected to return to work and about the improvements in facilities, scheduling and the new scoreboard for Waldo Stadium.

Kathy talks about the students and the environment the students created at Lawson Arena on Saturday.

"The students are really unbelievable and we certainly do respect the fact that they listened to Coach Culhane and kind of respected the behavioral language issues tonight. We need them and together it's a great combination. It's a tough place to play. Red, he doesn't like coming in here to Lawson Ice Arena. There's no doubt about it. But the environment was so exciting and fantastic and we just want to thank everybody for all their support."

Kathy talked about the fan support for "Blackout Saturday."

"…It's great to have all the support that we have and to really have three big wins on the day and big one's all of them were."

On a personal note, how are you doing?

"I'm doing fine. It's actually been a long haul here. I kind of had a double spinal fusion with some new discs and I'm looking forward to hopefully coming back towards the end of the month about on a part-time basis."

So you're looking at maybe two or three weeks?

"Yeah, I think so. Actually Dave Corstange has just done, the staff has just done a fantastic job and actually Dave's wife has to go in and have the surgery that I had. So it's a little bit ironic. So I'm probably going to be stepping in on a part-time basis and I'm really excited. It's been an unbelievably experience. I can't thank family and friends enough for all the support that we've had. But it's certain I'm ready to mentally get back into it."

So you can basically give her a personal, be able to know what she's going through when she has that surgery?

"Yeah. We talked, actually Dave said don't talk to her anymore (laughing). Because I'm kind of…Yeah, there's no doubt about that. But it's, you know she needs to do it. It's the right thing to do it, it just takes longer than you ever anticipate that it does."

There's been a lot of progress, a lot of changes around campus in terms of the athletic facilities, scheduling and stuff like that. A lot of fans are appreciative of it and I know you know that they've often thanked you in various forms. What are some of the changes that are in the works or being thought of right now to even make Western Michigan more of a draw for future student-athletes?

"Well, we certainly, you know I'm so thankful for what we've been able to do here. It's been through the support of the President and the Trustees, the community, the fans, everybody that's been involved with the Bronco program. There's no doubt that we have to keep moving forward. I'm excited to have the opportunity to work with our interim President, Dr. Litynski and to keep moving forward with all of the goals with our program. With increasing our scheduling and enhancing facilities and enhancing all the things we need to be successful."

There's been talk of a new scoreboard coming in. Is that going to be going in this year?

"Actually, we are hoping that the new scoreboard will be in this year for football. You're asking correct? It's we're hoping. Well it hasn't all been totally clear. Its plans are too hopefully to move forward with that. But, there were still a few things to tie up with that."

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