Ryan Cubit Q&A

With Chad Munson a senior and the depth chart muddled behind him, the Broncos added a quarterback to the roster this month with Ryan Cubit transferring from Rutgers. Cubit will sit out the 2003 season and have two years of eligibility remaining. We spoke with him about the transfer and why WMU was the destination.

What was the main factor surrounding the transfer?
I put a lot of thought into it and Rutgers wasn't a good fit for me. I really loved the coaches and teammates there but decided to move on as that was best for me.

Why Western Michigan?
I've always loved the Bronco program. I went to Portage Central and knew about it from then.

You have two years of eligibility remaining?
Yes, I'll sit this year out but I can redshirt so I don't lose any eligibility. I'll be able to play in 2004 and 2005.

What is your current height and weight?
6-2 and 203 pounds.

You were injured early in the 2002 season, how is that progressing?
I was hurt in the Syracuse game and fractured my elbow. I had some bone spurs in my elbow but it is healing fine. I'm not throwing with it now but I should be able to by spring ball no problem.

How convenient is it that the offenses at Rutgers and WMU are so similar?
It is very convenient. The routes are the same, the package is the same. It will help because I won't feel like a freshman coming in to a whole new system.

What is your mind set knowing you are sitting out 2003?
It is going to be tough to sit out a year. I'm just going to try and get stronger and healthier and be ready for 2004.

What is your workout plan like now?
I'm doing a lot of 7-on-7 drills with the guys and I workout Tuesday and Thursday at Athlete's Corner. I'm looking forward to throwing again in the spring.

Did you consider any other colleges before choosing Western?
I thought about some others that recruited me out of high school like Clemson and Purdue but I never contacted them. I actually verballed to Clemson at one time before changing my mind. My dad was at Rutgers and I liked it up there so I changed my mind and went to Rutgers.

How did you handle the transfer to Western as far as knowing they'd have a spot for you?
I wasn't allowed to contact the Western coaches at all so my dad spoke to coach Darnell and told him what I was thinking. I guess coach Darnell wanted to take me and here I am.

What do you plan to study at WMU?
Business with a Secondary Education minor probably. I'm not positive on that yet though.

What have been your early impressions of the Bronco program?
From what I've seen so far there seems to be talent everywhere at wide receiver and tailback. I haven't seen a lot of other guys. I love the wide receivers here because they are big and can run. We have some seniors I won't get a chance to play with but I'm confident the coaches will reload.

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