Mid-Year Report: Terrance Slater

Terrance Slater is the defensive stopper for the Broncos. He gets the sometimes thankless job of having to shut down the opponents go-to guy. We caught up with him to get his thoughts on the season up to this point. With the Kent State game looming there are plenty of things to look for according to Slater.

The defense has played very well this season, what must this team do offensively to complement the offense?
I think when we struggle on offense it is because we do not have good ball movement. We need to play unselfish and we don't do that all of the time. I think you saw that at Toledo this week. We took some selfish shots and we need to move the ball and play as a team and we will improve the offensive shooting. We won't get there playing individually, we have to be a team.

The Toledo game was a big one since you have never beaten them and you had a change to really climb in the MAC West standings. Will you dwell on that loss or is it just one of 18 conference games in your mind?
That game was a big opportunity for us and we could have won that game. We've never beaten them so it was personal and it hurt to lose. We have put it behind us and we won't dwell on it, especially with Kent State coming in here tomorrow. They are the premiere team in the league and if we beat them then we'll all be happy again.

Just how important is the Kent State game in your opinion?
We'll get up for this game. They have a lot of firepower and they haven't lost a beat from last year it seems even though they graduated all those guys. We can play with them and we have confidence because we went down there last year and only lost by three. It will come down to our defense against their offense.

Talk about the progress of your game this season.
I'm pretty happy with my defense. I know I can score more, the ball just isn't bouncing my way. We have a lot of shooters on the team and I'm trying to add another dimension. I like the transition game and getting the tempo set. I like to get the speed of the game up if we need it and also slow down the opponent's best player. I'm the tempo guy I guess.

What are the keys to finishing the second half of the MAC conference string?
We actually wrote some things on the board yesterday. We want to win 10 straight and then we win the West. We want to go out with a bang. We went to Europe this summer and I think that paid off for us. We want to go to the tournament but the second half of the MAC is our focus.

What are your thoughts on the number of road games remaining?
We just have to sit back and think about what got us here. We went to Europe and if we can do that we can play road games here with confidence. We should be used to it by now. I think if we focus it will go well. We'll be fine. We just need to play solid defense and shut the crowd up and then we will be playing on a neutral floor basically.

Who has been the toughest opponent this season for you to defend?
I'm not sure of his name but the guy from Fordham was definitely the toughest. He was 6-7 or 6-8 and about 235 pounds and they played him at every position. He was real good and I just tried to frustrate him the best I could. He was by far the best I've faced.

Where is the room for improvement on this team?
Really the main thing is consistency on offense. We have these last 10 games to get the offense clicking and just keep playing the defense like we have. If we an do that I don't see how we're going to get beat.

Who has really stepped up this year for you guys that might not get a lot of publicity?
I think Reggie Berry and Bobby Madison and two guys. We have a lot of guys really but those two are ones that have done a great job for us that might not get a lot of attention from the media.

If you had been told before the season that at this point you'd be 12-5 overall and 4-4 in the MAC, would you have been satisfied?
It is hard to say if I'd be content. I think as a player you always want to do better. I think that is just part of being a player, wanting to do better than people say you are doing. I think that is the case no matter what sport you are dealing with.

Who is the team to beat down the stretch in your opinion?
I'd say anyone ahead of us in the West like Central Michigan, Bowling Green and Northern Illinois. I'd also say Toledo and Marshall because they are personal. I think all five of those teams really because they are personal rivalries and you always look out for them.

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