Paul Davies Update

Even the doctors were impressed with his recovery. Less than three weeks after breaking his right wrist junior assistant captain Paul Davies had the cast removed and can feel the improvement.

"I think it's (wrist) closer to 85 (percent) now. Not having a cast on helps with strength and mobility, Davies said. "Everyday is an improvement and I'm starting to get back to myself out there."

The 5-foot-10 center has been playing left wing to avoid the hits from playing down low defensive zone coverage as a center. And for now that will remain the case for Ohio State.

"I feel more comfortable there (center) but playing with Lucas (Drake) is not a big change. Playing with him and Benny (Gagnon) is an easy adjustment because they're so cooperative," Davies said.

For the Sault St. Marie, Ontario native the week off after the University of Alaska Fairbanks sweep came at a perfect time.

"It was kind of ironic how well it worked out," Davies said. "I got that extra week…it worked out really well."

While the cast was removed Davies does tape a semi-cast under his glove. The brace is lighter, thinner and provides some movement in the wrist but still protects the injury.

"It's a real pleasant surprise but we still have to be careful with it and make sure nothing goes wrong," Davies said.

Davies has seven goals and four assists in 23 games this season. He also leads the team with 45 penalty minutes.

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