OSU Post Game Quotes

Following the Broncos' 3-2 loss in overtime last night we caught up with head coach Jim Culhane as well as team captain Dana Lattery for their thoughts.


"We could've executed better when the goalies pulled and executed better on the power play," Culhane said. "If we would have done that maybe we would've had a different outcome."

"Once we shower up and get cleaned up we've got to move on and get ready for a big game tomorrow night to try to get a split," Culhane said.

"They're a good defensive hockey team and you've got to generate as much as you can," Culhane said.

"We played our hearts out tonight," Culhane said.

"It's going to even take more tomorrow night to get a split. But it's one that's going to be tough to swallow," Culhane said.


"It would've been a totally different game if we were clicking on the power play (0-8, six shots). That's the difference right there. All five of us weren't working hard enough," Lattery said.

"There is no worse feeling than watching them score with 45 seconds left and just watching the puck go in. It just takes your gut and rips it right out," Lattery said. "But we have to let it go after tonight."

"It's going to sit there. It burns but maybe it will add a little motivation for tomorrow," Lattery said.

"Our team played well tonight. Good enough to win. We just folded in the last minute," Lattery said.

"This one hurt a little bit more (than Cornell) because we had them. We were the better team tonight," Lattery said.

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