The Rost Diaries

The Broncos women's basketball team sophomore Casey Rost gives Broncos Illustrated her latest installment of her diaries. She talks about going undefeated to start MAC play until playing against Toledo, about her frightening plane trip to Ohio University, and about the effects the season has had on her physically.

"It has been nearly two weeks now and I have managed to stay really busy. We have been playing a lot of basketball. We played well against Bowling Green on January 29th. We were able to be 5-0 going into this game and were playing with confidence. Next, we played Akron at home and improved our record 6-0. We were hoping to make history by becoming the first team to start the season at 7-0, but we were unable to beat Toledo. It was a really hard fought game after we overcame our slow start. It was a really hard loss to take because we lost by three in overtime and we blamed ourselves for certain plays that we believe decided the game. To top the loss off, our bus broke down on the way home and we were stranded on the side of the road. We had to wait on the shoulder for almost an hour until another bus could be transported there. We finally arrived home around 1:30 in the morning. Needless to say, we were all tired the next morning from the trip and from morning classes. Then, we had to come back three days later and play another game against Ohio University. This meant that we only had two days to prepare for this game.

The trip to Ohio was rather scary because we had to take a charter plane that only sat 33 people maximum. The flight was rather bumpy and a little bit noisy, but I am not complaining because it would have been a two day bus trip. I don't know why but we did not play well for most of the game. We started out slow and took awhile to get into the flow of things. We were feeling a little down due to the two game losing streak that we were currently on. But, we could not sulk for long because we had a game in 2 days. We had practice on Sunday night and prepared to play a Monday night game.

Marshall came to University Arena and we were looking for a victory. We had not won in two games and were hungry for a win. It was a physical game and we battled our way onto the top. We are now in the process of preparing for a really important game against Eastern Michigan. Hopefully, we will be able to start off strong and play with the intensity level we have played with in the past. It should be a really good game.

We are going to be extremely busy and tired these next few weeks. February provides an extremely full game schedule with a game almost every third day. We are in the process of playing 6 games in 13 days. We are unable to have any extra days off because we have to practice and prepare for the next upcoming game.

My body is starting to feel wore down from all the physical use and I am trying to catch up on my rest. It is difficult to find the time to fit practice, games, school, homework, and travel into such small intervals of time. I am doing the best I can and hopefully all the hard work will pay off at the end of the season."

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