The Rost Diaries

Western Michigan University Broncos women's basketball sophomore Casey Rost gives Broncos Illustrated her latest installment to her diary. In this installment she talks about the toll the long season has taken on her and her teammates, she talks about playing some tough games against some of the best teams in the MAC West Division and she talks about how school is going.

"It seems like it has been awhile since we have played to our potential. In the beginning of the season we were pretty much dominating most of our games and having fun doing it. However, our spirits have dwindled a little bit. I am not the least bit concerned though. We still have two regular season games remaining and then the MAC tournament begins. A team's record only helps in deciding who plays who in the first round. No one is guaranteed anything at this point. We, the players, have come together these past two days and have talked about what we want to accomplish the rest of this year. Everyone is in agreement regarding the idea of competing in the championship game of the tournament.

These past two weeks have been very hard for us. Our team is just run down physically from all of the games and practices. We have endured a very hard February schedule. There were 10 games alone in this month and with all the traveling and game preparation we barely had anytime to rest. The last game we won was on the 19th. We played really well as a team and beat a West Division leader by almost 30 points. However, we dropped our next game to Ball State. It was an alright game. We didn't play bad but we didn't play our best. We also lost our next game to Eastern. We absolutely got dominated on the boards. It is hard to win if you don't rebound or have the desire to do so. It is really frustrating knowing that we have all this potential and talent on our team, but our record shows otherwise. I don't focus too much on the record. Many people are only concerned with that though. One team can go 16-0 and lose in the tournaments to a team with barely a .500 record.

We have two crucial games left in the season. We play Central on Saturday and we, the players, have been working extremely hard in practice and have come together. We realize what we are capable of and want to reach our goals. Saturday is also a special night because we have one senior on the team and it is her night. So, there will be a lot of emotion involved in Saturday's game. Our last game of the season is at Northern Illinois and it is also their senior night. We have played during their senior night last year and EMU's the past two years.

Other than the basketball aspect of my life I have been really busy. I had 4 tests on Wednesday, which was the day after we returned from our Eastern game. I am trying really hard to fit time into my life to study but I am having difficulty doing so. Between games, travel days, practices, and team activities time is very limited. I am thrilled that this week is spring break and there are no classes. Even though I wouldn't mind going someplace warm, I can use this time to catch up on everything. The only concern I have about the following week after break is that we might miss the entire week of school for the tournament. Then I will have an abundant amount of work to make up!!!"

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