Mo Solidifies Draft Status

Today Western Michigan held their annual pro day combine for NFL scouts to evaluate prospective Broncos. One player that many expect to see drafted in next month's draft is Mobolaji Afariogun. The tight end impressed today during his personal workout and we caught up to him to get his take on his draft status.

How satisfied are you overall with your performance today?
I think I could have done a little better on my jumping and on my speed like the 40. I put on 20 pounds since the season was over so I know they are going to take that into consideration. I'm at the ideal weight they want me to be at (6-4, 250). I ran a 4.9 and this is kind of a slow grass so all things considered I think I did pretty good.

What are some other numbers you posted?
I did 23 reps on the bench which I think was second best (McCants-27) on the team. I ran the 20 yard shuttle and 60 yard shuttle and am happy with them. I'm not sure of my times actually. I also did a 30" on the vertical jump.

What feedback are you getting for the draft?
There's a lot of teams looking at me. The Cowboys, Bears and Patriots are all looking at me pretty hard. I keep hearing I'll be a 6th or 7th round draft pick. Considering how I did here with how others do at their pro days I could move up or move down but hopefully I'll stay the same or move up and be a draft pick for Western Michigan.

Any preferences or childhood favorites?
I would like to play for Atlanta just to be around that atmosphere. They have a great quarterback and it seems like that city is up and booming and it seems like that would be a good experience.

Any others test well in your opinion?
I think Chris Browning did pretty good today. I think he ran real well and weighed in pretty well. Also Jason Malloy did pretty good today. It was just a confidence factor that they had today. They got here at 7:00 when we didn't have to be here until 9:30 so they were prepared and had a good showing today.

How was your preparation different for this compared to preparing for spring practices?
I've talked to a couple guys that went through this and as far as working out I worked on what they were going to test on. I worked on my legs and verticals and my bench and kind of scraped the other things that worked muscles I might not have used today. I slimmed down the workouts based on what they would test me today.

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