A Solid Plan B

While Wisconsin waits on the decision of Dwyer (Fla.) High quarterback Jacoby Brissett, the Badgers' coaching staff are identified plan B options. If Adam Pittser is the second option, it could be one of the best back-up plans in recent memory.

MADISON - Quarterbacks are the main focus of many teams on the college level, but in high school, sometime they are hidden gems. That is the case for Adam Pittser.

Pittser, a 6-foot 1, 190 pound quarterback from Richmond-Burton High School (Richmond, IL), isn't the focal point on offense. His high school runs the winged-T offense, which had three 1,000-yard rushers last season.

This season, his team is off to a 2-0 start, and he is 6-of-10 with two passing TDs and one rushing TD.

"I run a little bit, but it's more the running backs," Pittser told Badger Nation. "We haven't thrown the ball much because we get up by so much, then I get pulled in the second quarter."

While Pittser is averaging just five throws a game this season, it was to many peoples' surprise that Pittser earned an Elite 11 spot this summer. He took advantage of every opportunity.

"It was awesome," Pittser said. "I met a lot of new people and new long-term friends. Just a lot of the people I was working with and the counselors, that are still in college, like Blaine Gabbert, Andy Dalton and Tyrod Taylor. All the coaches there were great. So it really got me ready for the season. I ended up taking second at the Elite 11. So it was just a great experience learning wise, making new friends, getting interest from more schools, expanding my interest and the way I see things and where I might want to go to college. It was an eye opener for me. I mean I got to see the top players in the country and I kind of felt like I could compete with them."

Pittser is now getting interest from around the country, including UCLA, Virginia, Mississippi, Washington and Wisconsin. Illinois State, Kent State, Ball State, Western Michigan, and Central Michigan have already offered.

Besides the offers that Pittser currently has, two schools stand out: Washington and Wisconsin.

"I was at the Elite 11 and all the coaches there had connections to Washington," Pittser explained. "I talked to Coach Nussmeier. They are waiting on a commitment from Brett Hundley. So they are kind of waiting on him to commit. We have just been really close on the phone. I am going to do an official visit there. I don't know, I have just been keeping in touch with him and I really like him and the program they have there."

As for Wisconsin, it's a program Pittser is very familiar with.

"I was always a Wisconsin fan growing up and I am two hours away from the school," Pittser said. "I love Coach Chryst and Coach Bielema. It seems like a good school for me. I was at the camp there and got a chance to talk to Coach Chryst and Coach Ash, and all the coaches there. I mean they are all great people there. I also got to meet and talk to some of the players."

Pittser took a closer look at Wisconsin, just a few weeks ago.

"About a week before the season started I went and took a visit to Wisconsin," Pittser said. "I watched a practice and got to hang out with Coach Chryst all day long, and spent some time with him and got to know him. I spent some time with Coach Bielema and they had good things to say about me and I loved them. We talk over the phone a little bit. Coach Ash is my recruiting coordinator, so I have usually been talking to him. I took that visit and everything went great. I love the coaches there, the players there and the way that they do things. I am just kind of waiting on an offer."

So when will Pittser get a Badger offer?

"They told me I'm the number two guy and they are going to consider me a home state kid," Pittser explained. "I'm there right by the border of Wisconsin, I grew up in Wisconsin, so I'm kind of waiting on Jacoby Brissett, and I'm basically the next guy."

While Pittser waits for more offers to come, he is starting to plan his official visits. Pittser said he is likely to take visits to Western Michigan, Ball State, Washington (October 8) and Wisconsin.

While taking five official visits would help make his decision, they aren't completely necessary for Pittser.

"I want to make a decision as soon as possible," Pittser said. "I kind of had a late start to my recruiting process. There are still a couple schools that are talking about offering me. I'm kind of waiting on offers. It might be during the season and it might be after. You never know."

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