Working On Some Knight Moves

Having a rough idea of his seven favorite schools, Detroit (MI) Country Day School Kenny Knight is trying to schedule visits around his busy schedule. On his list is Wisconsin, as the 6-foot-4 receiver wants to get to know his recruiting and position coach a little better.

MADISON - Wisconsin is going to be losing a lot of talent at wide receiver in 2010. David Gilreath, Issac Anderson, and Kyle Jefferson have logged a lot of plays for the Badgers over the last four years.

One of the targets to replace them is Kenny Knight, a wide receiver from Detroit (MI) Country Day School.

The 6-foot-4, 185-pound prospect has garnered interest from a number of schools around the Midwest and currently has nine offers.

As Knight's season gets underway, he is trying to narrow down his list of potential suitors.

"I would say I have like a top six right now," Knight said. "I am really interested in like California and Stanford, those are two schools that I don't have offers from, but I still have a lot of interest in. Then out of the offers that I do have I would say Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Cincinnati. I would probably throw Minnesota in there, as well."

While Knight doesn't have offers from the duo from California, they have really caught his eye.

"I spent a good week out in California this past summer," Knight explained. "I got to know both of the staffs and the coaches and everything. I really got a good feel for the programs and everything their schools had to offer. I've been in contact with them even after I left. I know there was a dead period up until Sept 1st, so I didn't really talk to them a lot until them, but I still got a few letters from them weekly. I'm still trying to see where I stand with them, regarding their offers, and what could possibly happen in these next few weeks."

Wisconsin, one of Knight's nine offers, is strongly entrenched in Knight's top seven.

"I know Coach Delvaughn Alexander the most (of the Wisconsin staff)," Knight said. "I have been talking with Coach Alexander via email. I talked to him last week and we were talking about possibly coming up there for a game. I haven't really received any phone calls from him since the open period, but I have been talking to him a lot via emails. I think he recently added me via Facebook, so our communication is growing every single day, so it is good."

Even though Knight wasn't able to get enough free time in the summer to visit Madison, his relationship with Coach Alexander has kept him interested in the Badgers.

"I haven't really gotten to meet the rest of the staff, but he has told me a lot," Knight said. "He came and met with me at my school, I don't remember the date, but it was sometime during the school year. He seems like a real great coach and a great person as well. He has a great respect for the game and seems like he has a great heart for his players. He really tries to push them to be their best and get them to the next level. For me to get that magnitude of understanding for a person I have met one time and through emails and stuff, it speaks volumes for his character and the person that he is. To me, I have a great relationship with him."

Country Day has started the season at 2-0. In their most recent game, Knight record just two catches for 15 yards, but he is just happy with his teams' success.

As the season progresses, Knight is starting to look at narrowing his list down again from seven.

"Our schedule is hard here at Country Day," Knight explained. "We have a lot of games on Saturdays so it is a tough schedule to really schedule around. I was telling him (Coach Alexander) about an open week we have October 2nd, that I could possibly come down or come over and spend some time with him. I think we are still looking in to that, and there are some other schools I could potentially visit that week. I don't know if they have a home game that week. He was saying if things don't work out, then definitely come see him after the season, and we will go from there."

Knight is looking for a school that not only has something to offer on the field, but also off the field as well. He is looking to major in business management or financing, and academics, and the University as a whole, will play a large part as well.

"Right now I am looking to take all five of my visits," Knight said. "This is a big decision to make and I want to make sure I'm making the right one. As of right now I am looking to take five, but I may cut down my list again and work from there. I will probably make my decision sometime in December or January. January would probably be my latest."

Wisconsin currently has one commitment from a wide receiver in the Class of 2011, Frederick Willis from Brookfield Academy in Wisconsin.

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