Completing the Short Pass

After getting a late invite from Secondary Coach Chris Ash, Richmond-Burton High (Ill.) quarterback Adam Pittser couldn't turn down a 90-minute car ride to watch his favorite team growing up play on an unofficial visit.

MADISON - There were some prospects that were expected to be at the game last week against Arizona State. WR A.J. Jordan (MI), DE James Adeyanju (IL), and DE Austin Traylor were all expected to be on campus for official visits, but there was also another unofficial visitor for the Badgers.

Adam Pittser from Richmond-Burton High School (Richmond, IL) decided to make the hour and a half drive to Madison on Saturday.

"Coach Ash had called me and asked me if I wanted to come to the Arizona state game," Pittser said. "I just came up for the game and talked to the coaches a little bit."

While the Badgers were able to avoid the upset by the Sun Devils on Saturday, Pittser enjoyed the view from the sidelines.

"I loved it," Pittser explained. "I got out of the car early and kind of walked around and checked out the campus. I had been there a bunch of times, just because we knew someone on the team and I grew up a Badgers fan. We just went and got something to eat and went to the game. I thought it was a fun game actually. I loved the atmosphere. They played a great game and they almost lost. I think they threw it like 25 times. It was cool. I thought it was fun to watch."

While on his visit Pittser got a chance to meet with a few of the other players making visits like Jake Keefer, Sam Arneson and Austin Maly.

"I got a chance to talk to Coach Chryst a little bit and all the commits there." Pittser said. "We didn't talk about recruiting a lot, but just how I liked the game and kind of hung out. I liked hanging out with all the commits there and all the guys being recruited. They seemed like good guys and came up and talked to me right away and knew who I was."

Despite receiving calls from a number of programs, Pittser has narrowed his list to just four schools - Ball State, Western Michigan, Washington and Wisconsin.

Pittser is waiting patiently for a Badgers offer, and while there wasn't an update on Saturday, he could get his next offer early next month.

"I am going to Washington on October 9th," he said. "The other guy (Brett Hundley) committed to UCLA and they said that I'm their guy right now. I talked to Coach Nussmeier and he said they might offer me on my visit. He wants to talk to me. I'm there through that Monday I think."

Burton-Richmond improved to 4-0 on the season last week after beating Byron 35-7. Pittser passed for one touchdown and ran for two more.

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