The Freshman Fifteen - Cody Byers

When the Wisconsin coaching staff started recruiting Chris Borland, the Badgers saw another under-the-radar linebacker that was just as talented and exciting to watch. Now, Badgers fans will be excited for when Cody Byers officially starts his UW career next year. Badger Nation gets to know Byers a little better in its new series.

MADISON - Although he won't see a snap on Saturday, Cody Byers can't wait to be a spectator in what is expected to be the rowdiest environment of the season.

Recorded 95 tackles, five interceptions, two sacks and recovered one fumble as a senior at Archbishop Alter (Kettering, Ohio), Byers, a high school teammate of linebacker Chris Borland, knows what it takes to win, as his team went 30-0 when he started games for his championship teams.

"It's going to be a great environment at night in Madison with College Gameday coming in," Byers said. "It's going to be a big game for us. I am real excited for my first night game and especially because it's against Ohio State."

In a new series for subscribers, Badger Nation does a meet and greet with the newer members of the Wisconsin football team, shedding a light on some of the unknown kids that figure to be important parts of the Badgers' future.

Asking 15 questions, we call this segment the Freshman Fifteen.

What's been the hardest part for you adjusting to college life?

Byers: Really, just balancing everything with your social life, academics and football. I would have say balancing my whole schedule, getting everything down, learning the whole system and how everything works. What's been the hardest part adjusting to college football?

Byers: The speed of the game is obviously a little different. The contact at the line is a lot different than high school. It's a little more physical, but that's about it.

Since you arrived here, how have you changed your body to prepare for the college game?

Byers: I have tried to put on some weight. I have put on about 20 pounds before I got up here. I lost a little bit, but now I am starting to get it back. Coach Herbert is a great strength and conditioning coach. He has us right in the weight room.

How is Madison different than Kettering? What's the biggest difference?

Byers: A lot more activity. A lot more people riding bikes, running around, doing their own thing. It's kind of a little happier scene here. Everyone is really upbeat.

What is your major?

Byers: Right now, I am undecided, but I am leaning toward something in business.

What are you hoping to do after college?

Byers: Obviously if the football thing doesn't work out, I would like to one day own my own business and go from there.

What's your favorite place on the Madison campus?

Byers: My favorite place is probably Camp Randall. Doesn't get much better than right here.

What's your least favorite place on campus?

Byers: I don't really have a least favorite. Maybe some of the classrooms on campus.

What do you enjoy doing most in your free time when you get the chance to kick back and relax?

Byers: I really like to sleep, watch TV, get some food in my system, but basically have a good time with my friends.

What music do you like to listen to, what TV shows do you like to watch and what food do you like to eat?

Byers: I don't watch that much TV. I'll usually have on ESPN or the Big Ten Network. Movie wise, I always go like seeing whatever the new releases are.

Who do you live with and how is that going?

Byers: I live with Frank Tamakloe. It's great. He's a great guy. He's focused on school, which makes me focused on school.

What's the most interesting thing you've learn about him since you starting living with him?

Byers: He loves to ask questions. He'll just ask questions until you can't answer them anymore.

Where does your biggest support come from? Family? Friends? Teammates?

Byers: It's probably my family and my friends. My teammates are there for me, too, because we are all going through the same thing. You can always turn to your teammates.

What's your parent's reaction to you playing college football here, being on your own for the first time and starting your journey at this school?

Byers: They're excited. I am sure they are proud of me.

It doesn't have to be football related, but what do you feel has been the greatest accomplishment of your life?

Byers: I don't really know. Probably getting a chance to come play here and getting an offer from here. In high school, we won the state championship for the third straight year. That was a pretty good accomplishment, too.

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