Wisconsin Post Game - Bo Ryan and Jon Leuer

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan and senior forward Jon Leuer address the media after the Badgers are defeated, 58-51, by Notre Dame in the Old Spice Classic Championship game.

Head coach Bo Ryan

On Wisconsin's run

They were doing the same things, we had gotten them out of the zone by hitting shots, first half we had those same looks, different results, in the second half we had the same looks better results. Then they went man and scored off the man too, but no it wasn't a result of that.

They were aggressive on the attack, you take a look at a lot of their baskets were scored without an assist. They have a lot of seniors with a lot of experience and moxy and with the ball they did a good job of attacking and making their own plays pretty much. I thought we did a great job of distributing the ball with 14 assists on our 20 baskets. If you foul a three-point shooter, you give up a basket on a missed free throw, you know all those kind of things, that's the reason, those are big swings. And, plus they're momentum builders for the other team. I mean I can remember us beating Michigan State after being down 10 with about 2:30-3 minutes to go and it was all on things where you go, ‘how the heck could that many things happen in that short of a period of time' with guys that are pretty intelligent players, but they're young men trying to do their best, that just didn't happen.

In that zone, they were making sure we weren't getting anything going to the rim and that's usually when you get fouled, in the end we gave them maybe 6-8 free throws cause we were playing from behind, we've had that differential though in our favor and I know coaches get asked ‘what'd you think' well, we weren't in a position to get to the free throw line that often and they were, they were very aggressive with the ball. We needed to do a better job of stopping the ball and I thought we were playing like anything else, were you in position, were you not in position, two guys battling for rebounding position, two guys hit the floor, they get the free throws, how did this happen? And I'm sure it was the right call, I'm just saying how can that many things happen sequentially, but I've been on the other side too.

We need some experience at guard, on the perimeter, not just guards. Physically, we're not there. I thought we did a great job on Nash. We went over things to limit his effectiveness knowing he'd be aggressive, but it was there other players that stepped up, it's not like they shot lights out, but they had some guys that made timely baskets and timely free throws and that's how you win those kind of grinders and both our teams will be in more of them before the seasons out.

On playing conservatively because of fouls

I don't think so cause they know they have teammates who will pick them up, we still do things we work on, we don't say ‘oh you can't do this, you can't to that cause you have three fouls, four fouls, no we don't do that. We got a bench.

That's seven turnovers against two teams that are very physical and experienced, Boston College had four starters back, Notre Dame had five of their regulars from before, I thought we did a great job of taking care if the ball but you know the strip at the end gets magnified because we're still right there if we score and it's a possession game, that kind of thing and the other team made the play.

Jon Leuer

No, we just made too many mistakes down the stretch, they made a lot of hustle plays, a lot of great plays and sometimes you gotta give the other team credit but we always look to ourselves and see what we can do better and obviously we feel we have a lot to prove and certain areas, little things, we could have defiantly, the hustle plays on the other end, we gotta make sure those are ours and that's what propelled their run.

We've got to be a more complete team and put 40 minutes together, obviously we showed signs that we're clicking, things can go really well, we just had a few dry spells in there where we made some mistakes, missed some shots and made some turnovers and until we out a full 40 minutes together, we're not going to reach our full potential.

We had a stretch there where we got hot, down the end we missed some of the same looks, that's just something we're going to have to improve on, it doesn't just come down to making shots, the hustle plays were big for us and that's an area we usually take pride in and we're usually the ones that get those.

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