Mid-Spring Thoughts: Quarterbacks

Spring football has reached its midway point, and Badger Nation's Ronny Whitworth will give his thoughts on each position over the next few days. The first installment features the Badger quarterbacks.

If there were any doubts that Jim Sorgi would hold onto his starting quarterback job, they were erased fairly quickly as spring practice began. Sorgi has performed as expected in spring, showing improvement in a number of areas, most notably his strength and decision-making. UW fans are already aware of Sorgi's experience and leadership-ability, and he is truly ready to take the next step and lead the Badgers through an entire season. This is Sorgi's team, and Sorgi's year. While there is some talent waiting in the wings, nobody is going to take away Sorgi's No. 1 spot.

John Stocco remains one of the most intriguing prospects in the Badger program. He has a rocket arm, escapability and intelligence. He continues to remind many onlookers of Brooks Bollinger in his style of play and his strengths. While the offense is changing to cater to Sorgi's strengths, it could be a one-season aberration. Things could look a lot more familiar in the 2004 season and beyond if Stocco can land the starting job following Sorgi's graduation. He has the athleticism and the ability to make things happen, the same way Bollinger did for four years.

Matt Schabert is not going to relinquish his backup job without a fight though. Schabert has more experience than Stocco, and he has done nothing to make anybody believe he's not ready to contribute. He is a solid decision-maker and is also a smart quarterback. His preparedness was most evident two years ago against Michigan State, when he came off the bench (as the No. 3 quarterback) and completed 10-of-18 passes for 177 yards and two touchdowns. Schabert is a solid option for the No. 2 quarterback position, but with Stocco looking like the quarterback of the future, it's possible he could be the odd man out.

Like Sorgi, Hollins is one of the most well-liked players in the UW locker room. His impressions of UW coaches keeps everyone laughing, but his impressions of opposing quarterbacks on the scout offense have helped Wisconsin win. He has a real knack for studying tape and imitating the mannerisms and tendencies of opposing players, and that skill has been a tremendous asset to the program. But it's not likely that Hollins will be promoted from the scout team this season. While he has shown improvement, the level of consistency that the other quarterbacks have shown is not there for Hollins. He's a very talented athlete, but will likely be on the outside looking in.

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