Notes: A One-Job Focus

Despite reports that has been contacted to fill Texas' offensive coordinator job, UW Offensive Coordinator says the rumors are just that, meaning distractions should be limited when No.4 Wisconsin plays No.3 TCU in the Rose Bowl Saturday.

LOS ANGELES – Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst said Tuesday he has not been contacted by Texas.

Chryst, in his fifth year as coordinator for the Badgers, has been linked to the Longhorns since their coordinator Greg Davis resigned earlier this month as part of a massive staff shakeup following a 5-7 season.

"There really is a lot more buzz than actual (interest)," Chryst said.

Badgers players universally expressed their admiration for Chryst, who oversaw an offense that set a school record by averaging 45.2 points per game this season.

"He's a great coach," left guard John Moffitt said. "It's more than just Xs and Os. I think he gets players and how we are and our attitudes.

"The other day - we were back in Madison - I was just miserable. I said it to him and he laughed and that's fine. He's got a good connection with us."

"He knows that a lot of our players are really flexible at what we can do, so one play we might be running a jet sweep, another we might be running out of the I," tight end Lance Kendricks said.

Quarterback Scott Tolzien pointed to the advantage of having continuity on the staff, especially with the carryover in offensive philosophy and terminology.

"I can't say how lucky I've been. I mean I've had Coach Chryst ever since I've been around here. And I think that's something that really gets overlooked," Tolzien said.

"Adam Weber at Minnesota has had a different coordinator every year. I can't imagine how difficult that is to every offseason learn a new offense."

TCU Offers Different Look

Another season, another top defense for TCU.

For the fourth time in five years, the Horned Frogs finished in the top two nationally in total defense, surrendering just 215.4 yards per game this season.

The two constants in Fort Worth during that span? Head coach Gary Patterson and his 4- 2-5 alignment, using three safeties instead of linebackers.

That allows the defense to try and confuse the opposing quarterback by masking coverages, something that has had Tolzien logging extra hours in the film room.

"First of all, it's different," he said. "You're used to seeing a two-high look and a one- high look. With three, they can do different rotational stuff and it helps disguising their defense. They run it well. It's going to be different, but it's going to be exciting."

Chryst had high praise for how TCU's speedy defense, specifically how players maintain their assignments and cover gaps.

"You can kind of see it all fit. If you weren't playing them, it was actually pretty to watch," he said.

Moffitt Steals the Show

If there was an MVP for the first of three media sessions leading to New Year's Day, Moffitt took it in a landslide.

Among his choice quotes…

-On Tolzien's work ethic: "He's wasted so much time. I mean seriously, he just started two years ago. He wasted three years of his life studying plays, and probably plays we threw away. I hope you enjoyed college, loser."

-On the speed of TCU's defense: "I guarantee their defensive linemen are faster than our offensive linemen, but that's pretty much every game. I have yet to play a D-lineman that I am faster than."

-On the challenge of replacing Tolzien next season: "With (freshman Jon) Budmayr, it might just be seeing over the line. If you can get that kid a stepladder three feet behind the line, you can have him climb up on it and throw the football."

-On Chryst being a player's coach: "I never understood the player's coach term because no one is a player's coach. If you're a player's coach, then I say I don't want to practice, I don't have to practice."

Quick Hits

-Running back John Clay said he did not know who would start or how carries would be divvied up in the Rose Bowl.

"It's all in the coaches' hands," Clay said. "I guess it depends on who has the hot hand or down and distance, maybe a specific back in there for a specific play."

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