Biegel Up to Six Offers

The longer his recruitment goes on, the more interest 2012 Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln linebacker Vince Biegel seems to stir up. Fresh off his performance at the U.S. Army Junior National Combine, Biegel adds another BCS offer to his collection.

MADISON – With the amount of representation from California, Florida and Texas, Vince Biegel felt he has to do his due diligence and properly represent the state of Wisconsin.

So the 6-3, 210-pound linebacker from Wisconsin Rapids, considered one of the state's top 2012 prospects, let it all out during his time in San Antonio for the U.S. Army Junior National Combine, making sure to not only enjoy the experience, but represent the skills he and other in-state players have way up in the north.

"It was a great experience to see where I stack up with other kids from around the nation," Biegel told Badger Nation. "The combine went as good as could go. I did the best I could with no regrets. The whole time I was there, I was trying to enjoy the experience.

"I am a blue-collared guy. I am a hard worker and I am going to put the time in the weight room in the off season so I can work for it. I am not going to be backing down. I am trying to be humble, but I think I am up there in terms of being one of the top linebackers. I am always trying to better myself and my team in Wisconsin Rapids. I am always working on making myself better because there's always someone out there pushing themselves harder, and there's always someone out there that is better than you."

The original goal for Biegel was get his recruiting process done this month, making a firm commitment, standing behind it and turning his attention to his senior year. But with new schools continuing to pop on his radar, like Tennessee, who offered Friday, Biegel has slowed down.

"The recruiting process has been an awesome process," Biegel said. "Not a lot of kids get to go through this process, and it's a real humbling experience. I've made good relationships with a lot of people and I am just seeing what else is out there, like Tennessee. It was a place I didn't know was interested me."

Biegel still maintains Wisconsin is his favorite, citing his love for his home state school and the atmosphere of home Badgers' football games. Even with the Badgers taking five linebackers in the class of 2011 and Dave Doeren leaving for Northern Illinois, Biegel still loves what the Badgers offer him.

"I know two (linebackers) will probably play defensive back and I am not a guy that will back down from competition," Biegel said. "I am a Wisconsin kid and I still love Wisconsin. Wisconsin is probably my number one place, but I am just taking my time more, which the coaches from Wisconsin understand.

"Obviously, coaches come and go. Coach Doeren was great when I talked to him. He told me he wanted me to become a Huskie (laughing). I am looking at the coaches because I want a coach that is going to be close to me and a mentor to me."

Biegel, who also has offers from BYU, Michigan State, Northern Illinois and Iowa, is the son of Rocky Biegel, who played for the Cougars from 1988 to 1991. The family ties and the fact that Biegel has strong Mormon ties will make the Cougars a major player in his recruitment.

"I am not going to make any decisions until I go out there and see BYU's campus," Biegel said. "I am probably going to go out there this spring, see the campus and go on a skiing trip with my family because we have some family out there. They are a big school I am looking at."

Additionally, Biegel made a trip to Lincoln in November to watch Nebraska defeat Colorado and win the Big 12 North title.

"There facilities were off the charts and the whole experience was a great time," said Biegel, who made the trip with his family. "It was a fun game to watch and a fun experience."

Biegel led Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln to the second round of the state playoffs and a 7-4 record. Named the school's first junior captain, Biegel backed up the honor with roughly 175 tackles, four interceptions and six forced fumbles, the main reason he was awarded first team all-conference, all-region and all-state honors.

With the strong ties to both Wisconsin and BYU, Biegel has the full support of his family to play college football wherever he feels is the best fit.

"My grandpa is a big BYU fan and my dad is obviously an alumnus, but they both are super supportive about my football career and my life," Biegel said. "They basically told me to go where I want to go because the next four years are so important. When I pick the school, I am going to be set in stone.

"I wanted to go to Wisconsin earlier, but now I want to take my time because I want to make sure it's the right choice and the right place. When I know in my heart it's the right decision, I am going to make it."

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