April 9 Practice Report: Part 2

Here is the second installment of our practice report for April 9.

- Robert Brooks made arguably the defensive play of the day in the endzone, making a leaping pass deflection to rob Jonathan Orr of a touchdown.

- Darrin Charles had another nice practice, including a tough off-balance catch for a first down, in which he took a crushing blow from Brett Bell but hung onto the football to the delight of the coaching staff and his offensive teammates.

- Levonne Rowan seems to have taken his demotion to the No. 2 defense to heart, as he has picked up the physical level of his play several notches. On Monday, he got into a shoving match with Jerone Pettus after one play, and Wednesday, he drove Booker Stanley out of bounds and straight into a snowbank about five yards out of bounds with a vicious hit (not a cheap shot, just a nasty-looking collision). Luckily, Stanley bounced right back up.

- There haven't been many skirmishes during this spring, but one minor one occurred Wednesday afternoon as Donovan Raiola and Erasmus James were involved in a minor scuffle following one play late in practice.

- Mark Zalewski has had his two best practices of the spring consecutively, and he has positioned himself for playing time with the No. 1 defense heading into the fall. He has improved throughout the spring, and Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove confirmed following the practice that he hopes to have some rotation on his linebacking corps, involving Zalewski and Elliott Goode, along with his three starters.

- Reggie Cribbs will likely be a member of the scout team next season, but he has seen more reps this week than he had in previous practices. He is currently working with the second team.

- The hit of the day, aside from Rowan's crushing blow on Stanley, belonged to Joe Stellmacher, who smacked Mark Bell on a pass breakup at the two-yard line to the delight of his defensive teammates.

- Booker Stanley made the offensive play of the day late in practice, finding a tiny hole and bursting through it for a four-yard touchdown on what was a great read and an explosive run.

- It doesn't appear as if a decision has been made yet on the turf replacement for next season. Representatives for a company selling a surface called "Sportexe" brought a patch of their surface to Camp Randall Wednesday afternoon, which was displayed for review by administrative and team officials.

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