April 9 Practice Report: Part 1

Here is part one of our practice report for April 9, conducted in full pads at Camp Randall Stadium Wednesday afternoon.

With the melted snow pushed off to the sidelines at Camp Randall Stadium, the Badgers returned outdoors for their Wednesday practice, just three days removed from the end of spring football. The practice was held in full pads.

Here are some news/notes from Wednesday's session:

- Jason Pociask has moved his way up the depth chart, to the point he was taking regular reps with the No. 1 offense on Wednesday. Offensive Coordinator Brian White confirmed following practice that Pociask has played himself into a position where he will contribute in the fall. He also has been very impressed with Tony Paciotti's development and the recent performance of Bob Docherty. Docherty had a solid practice, making a couple of tough touchdown catches in traffic. Devin Hollins hit Docherty across the middle on a beautiful play-action fake for one touchdown against the No. 2 defense.

- Jonathan Welsh continued to practice very well, making a collection of plays to disrupt play in the backfield. He stopped Booker Stanley for a four-yard loss during inside running drills, and pressured the quarterbacks throughout seven-on-seven and team drills. On the first play of a 3rd-and-2 situational drill, Welsh forced Sorgi to scramble out of the pocket with pressure from the left side, and Erasmus James met him on the other side for a would-be sack if it was live.

- Jason Clemens continues to get reps with the No. 2 defense and looks to be a regular part of the defensive line rotation.

- The four wide receiver formations will be a regular part of the offense this fall, as will the two tailback sets, but don't count out the fullback position. The Badgers want to make full use of Matt Bernstein, who is looking better and better as the spring progresses. He is an absolute beast carrying the ball, and he is a weapon unlike any other the Badgers have. Dwayne Smith has also had a dynamic spring, and in an exclusive Q&A that will run in the next print edition of Badger Nation, Brian White explains how he plans to balance out the use of all of his weapons.

- Tony Paciotti had a great block to stop Alex Lewis dead in his tracks and spring Anthony Davis for a 20-yard touchdown run, with solid blocking from Darrin Charles and Byron Brown as well.

- Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove confirmed Alex Lewis will be playing as a defensive end next fall in the nickel package, in order to take advantage of his speed. This is not a spring experiment, but something the coaching staff is going through with in the fall.

- Jim Leonhard had the only interception of the afternoon for the UW secondary.

- One formation during inside running drills saw both fullbacks on the field on the same play – Bernstein and Greg Root.

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