New Wrinkle for Alex Lewis

Alex Lewis will be used in a new capacity when the Badgers take the field next fall.

Alex Lewis, one of the fastest players on the UW roster, will be used as a rush defensive end in the nickel package next season, a wrinkle that was first introduced during last Saturday's spring practice.

"He's still our starting linebacker. He will only play d-line in nickel," said Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove. "When we go nickel, we'll use him there, to get that speed off the edge, get that quarterback to step off the pocket."

Spring football is a time for coaches to try new formations and move players around to new positions, but Cosgrove said this is a permanent move.

"This is not an experiment. We're going to use him there," Cosgrove said. "He's looked pretty good. He's tough to block."

Following Wednesday's practice, Lewis told Badger Nation that he feels like he's struggling with the mental part of the game, but Cosgrove said he's very pleased with what he's seen from his starting eagle backer.

"To me right now, there is no difference in him from last season to where he is now," Cosgrove said. "He's playing with a lot of confidence. He has a real good understanding of what he's doing, he's playing real fast, and he gives tremendous effort all the time. He's a full-speed guy all the time, and he's done a lot of good things this spring."

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