Friday Walk-Through Report

News and notes from Friday afternoon's walk-through, at Camp Randall Stadium on the eve of the 2003 Spring Game.

The Badger football team went through a light walk-through in helmet, shoulder pads and shorts at Camp Randall Stadium Friday afternoon. The weather was the nicest its been all spring, about 65 degrees and sunny.

There isn't a whole lot to report because this was not a full practice, just a light walk-through with no contact in preparation for Saturday's spring game.

Nonetheless, here is some news/notes from Friday's session:

- A number of wide receivers that normally don't get reps with the No. 1 offense got a chance to work with Sorgi and the top unit a little bit Friday afternoon, including Travaan Hayes, Zach Hampton and Jeff Holzbauer.

- Mark Zalewski is now working full-time with the No. 2 defense, and he will likely get a lot of reps next fall as the Badgers groom him to be the next Mike linebacker, following the graduation of Jeff Mack.

- It appears that despite the stiff challenge of John Stocco and Devin Hollins, Matt Schabert has held onto his No. 2 quarterback spot through spring football.

- The nickel backs on defense remain Robert Brooks and Chuckie Cowans, while Brett Bell and Scott Starks have held onto the starting cornerback spots (the only change coming early in spring ball when Bell moved past Levonne Rowan).

- The Badgers ran a 4-4-3 defense several times during Friday's session, in which Lamarr Watkins and Kareem Timbers were both on the field. Brett Bell was the odd man out in the secondary.

- Traison Lewis, Nick Cochart, Andre Williams and Tim Ovadal made up the No. 2 defensive line for the majority of the walk-through.

- Lee Evans worked with Donny Brady and Owen Daniels on footwork drills on a patch of FieldTurf, presumably testing the new surface. No word yet on whether a decision has been made.

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