Spring Game Alvarez Verbatim: Part 2

Part 2 of Coach Barry Alvarez' comments following the 2003 Spring Game.

Q: How many productive bodies do you have at your three linebacker spots right now?

Alvarez: I think we'll have five inside linebackers that can play, and I know we have two drops that can play, and Brandon Kelly, one of the incoming freshmen, I think has a chance to play.

Q: Jim Sorgi is more athletic than he looks, but were you surprised he was able to chase down Levonne Rowan after that interception?

Alvarez: You guys don't believe me. I told you all along Sorgi has been the fastest quarterback we've had. He's got better times than Brooks (Bollinger). I think he sensed (Quarterbacks Coach Jeff Horton) was right behind him. But you know what? That tells you a little something about Jim Sorgi. This is the spring game. It doesn't mean a whole lot. Yet he's competitive enough…and Levonne Rowan was the state sprint champ, remember, and he's going down the sidelines to give that type of effort to get him out of bounds. And then the defense coming up and making the play so there's no score. He saved points. But I think that tells you a little bit about his competitiveness. Sorgi can run though.

Q: How comfortable are you now with Sorgi as your starting quarterback?

Alvarez: I feel very comfortable with Sorgi. I've felt comfortable with him starting and playing the last three years, and he's had some very good games, and has played against some of the better quarterbacks. He's played against Drew Brees, and he's played against (Joey) Harrington and people like that. He's gone head to head with them, so I feel very confident with Jim. And I feel good about our offense right now. I think we have a number of weapons. Then you throw one of the best players in college football into the mix, it makes it even more potent.

Q: You mentioned your punters a little bit. Are you confident the walk-ons coming in here will give you what you need there?

Alvarez: I'm hoping they can. I'm hoping they can come in…we have to kick better than we have been, and from what I've seen, both of them seem to be very competitive and have strong legs, and they will absolutely have a chance. They will have every opportunity.

Q: How is Lee Evans coming along?

Alvarez: Lee is on track. I think he feels very good about his leg. The doctors feel good about it. We haven't pushed him, yet he's worked very hard. I think he's right where he needs to be. I anticipate when the guys start working out this summer, in June, that he will be right there with him.

Q: With Sorgi not being as mobile as Brooks, are you going to be able to protect him, especially given the changes on the offensive line?

Alvarez: Well, the one thing about Jim, he can get rid of the ball. He has a quick release. We've got to teach him when to pull it down and flush, when to get rid of it, and how to protect himself when he does flush. We're not going to use him as a runner as we did Brooks, but I think we can protect him.

Q: What is your comfort level with the tackles pass-blocking?

Alvarez: I think they are solid. There's definitely room for improvement. I think they got beat a couple of times today. You never like to see that, yet we put them on an island. We didn't give them any help today, which you can do with a tight end or a running back, and we didn't do that today. We just wanted to get them out there on an island and let them get some work. We tried to put ourselves into a position today, just to get some…this was like a practice for us, just to get a look at some different things, see how the guys competed and really try to put them in a lot of different situations so they've experienced them when we get into the fall.

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