Back to the Drawing Board

After struggling with defensive breakdowns against No.1 Ohio State, No.13 Wisconsin gets ready for the Big Ten Tournament, and it's head coach is confident that all of Sunday's problems can be quickly corrected.

MADISON — If there can be any good that comes from a 28-point drubbing in the final game of the regular season, it is that the players might listen a bit closer now to what head coach Bo Ryan is telling them.

Several players confirmed after the game that the team did not follow the defensive scouting reports like they should have. While 14-of-15 shooting from three is not all the result of sloppy defense, UW certainly could have made it harder on the Buckeyes out on the perimeter.

"There are just times where people just must be forgetful. They forgot some things," Ryan said. "I am not giving anyone up to be a sacrifice, I have never done that, it is just things that guys did that weren't a part of what was being prepared and they paid for it."

Although Ryan would not go into specifics about how the scouting sheets were not followed, he did say that he was fine with how the Badgers have defended the pick- and-roll this season.

At times, against Illinois with Demetri McCamey and at Michigan State with Kalin Lucas, the Badgers have seemed helpless to stop ball-screen heavy offenses.

"Just stick to your rules," Ryan said.

At Least He Didn't Get 10

Ryan joked in his postgame press conference Sunday that the Badgers did a good job on Jon Diebler holding him to seven threes after he connected on a Big Ten record 10 against Penn State.

While he noted he was joking Monday, he still noted there wasn't much UW could have done differently after Diebler got hot.

"He was real comfortable and when you get real comfortable you have to try and take somebody out of that," Ryan said. "It didn't matter. There wasn't a whole lot of separation there on the threes that he hit. There were shots where he took that coaches would go, 'Oh no, no — oh, good shot.' Because he can."

Just One Game At A Time

By most accounts, Wisconsin is somewhere between a three or four seed for the NCAA Tournament.

Presumably, if the Badgers reached the finals on Sunday, they should be a lock for a three seed.

Ryan doesn't know and doesn't want to think about it.

"I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out how those things are done," Ryan said. "Whether it is already set, whether they already have lines done. People have all these philosophies … I don't know about seedings."

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