Q&A with Alex Lewis

Alex Lewis sat down with Badger Nation's Ronny Whitworth to talk about his upcoming senior year and the developments of spring football.

Q: How did the spring go for you? Do you feel things coming along for you?

Lewis: I'm the same person as when I came here. I can always get better and I'm just trying to get better.

Q: How have you enjoyed playing on the defensive line in the nickel package?

Lewis: Basically I'm trying to use a little bit of my speed and athleticism, just trying to help the defensive line out. I mean, they're already good. I just want to add a little bit more to them.

Q: Do you feel that will be something you do on a regular basis, and has it been a long time since you have played with your hand down?

Lewis: I don't know what the coaches have planned for me. No, I put my hand down in junior college and then I was a defensive end in high school.

Q: Are you excited about that change, giving you a chance to do a little bit more?

Lewis: I'm just trying to be on the field and make plays.

Q: What do you still need to improve on for next season?

Lewis: Truthfully just my mental, just trying to get better every day. I'm trying to say that I need to get better at everything. I can't be complacent. I have to get better and better.

Q: Do you feel more comfortable on the field now than you did when you first got here?

Lewis: Definitely. I feel as though I know what to expect now. I know what the coaches want from me, I know most of the drills and stuff like that and now it's just me doing it myself and keeping the right attitude and going about it the right way.

Q: Did you mind moving back to the eagle backer position this spring, or would your prefer playing the Mike?

Lewis: It really doesn't make a difference. It's still just going out there and trying to make plays. It's just different pass coverages, that's all.

Q: What are your feelings about the defense as a whole? Do you feel everything is coming together?

Lewis: Most definitely. The d-backs are molding together. They know what to do, communication is a lot better, the d-line is a lot stronger, a lot quicker, a lot smarter. Linebackers have another year under their belt. They have Jeff Mack. He's the one that keeps us all together. So I believe that we're coming together as a whole defense.

Q: Do you like what you see out of this team's pass rushers, like Erasmus James and Jonathan Welsh? Can they make a big difference in the defense's performance this fall?

Lewis: Those guys work hard and they are so athletic. They are going to get to that quarterback no matter what, so us as linebackers, we don't have to worry about it. We just drop back in the zone and just hope for a big hit.

Q: When you are playing as a speed rusher in that nickel package, what are your responsibilities? What do you have to think about out there?

Lewis: I'm just trying to get to the ball. Whoever has the ball, I'm trying to get ‘em.

Q: Which position do you feel most comfortable with on the football field?

Lewis: I feel comfortable anywhere. You can put me somewhere, you can teach me to learn it. It might take me a little bit of time, but I'm going to get it.

Q: Do you feel like you've improved in your pass coverage?

Lewis: I guess we're going to have to wait until the season comes. The coaches have simplified things. It's not as hard as last year where we were changing every week. Now we are going to do something, and we're going to do it. We're going to play the same defense every week so it's not going to be as hard.

Q: What are your plans for the summer?

Lewis: I have to hit the books man. Second thing is, just trying to get better, get in the film room and work on the mental and get ready for the next season. See my family one more time and get ready for the 2003 season. We're trying to go to the national championship.

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