Stave Learning the Curve

After shunning a scholarship offer to walk on and enroll early at Wisconsin, freshman quarterback Joel Stave is taking advantage of the repetitions with the third-string offense to prepare himself for future quarterback competitions.

MADISON — At the last second, quarterback Joel Stave joined fellow freshman Kenzel Doe as the only two members of Wisconsin's 2011 recruiting class to enroll a semester early.

With Curt Phillips sidelined with an ACL tear, Stave has become the de facto third-string quarterback during all live action drills.

Badger Nation caught up with the freshman after practice, as Stave broke down what it was like coming to college a semester early for the chance to play for the Badgers.

Badger Nation: So, how is it being a Badger?

Stave: It is fun. It is different, definitely different from high school.

Badger Nation: What made you decide to enroll a semester early?

Stave: I guess it's just a good opportunity for me. To get ahead in school and to start learning the offense, getting used to what is coming in the fall, because I know in the fall it will be a much heavier workload with practices and more demanding.

Badger Nation: When did you make the decision to enroll early?

Stave: It was back in the fall, around December. It was after I took my official visit, which was the first week at the end of December. It was pretty recent.

Badger Nation: So are you enrolled in a full roll of classes right now?

Stave: Yup, I am taking 13 credits. A full time college student.

Badger Nation: Are you still keeping in contact with anyone from high school? Do you know if you are going to go back for prom?

Stave: I am still undecided on prom … [laughs] … that is a lot of money to put down.

Badger Nation: In your first few practices here, how have you adjusted to the speed of the game?

Stave: Watching film has helped. I wouldn't say I am adjusted by any means yet. But I am getting there.

Badger Nation: Have you found that having college-level receivers can help erase some mistakes?

Stave: That is another thing I really need to adjust to — the speed of the receivers. When I first started I notice myself throwing it behind them, and even still, I notice myself throwing it behind them. I have to keep telling myself that I can really put it out there in front of them because these are good athletes and they can really go and get it.

Badger Nation: How much more complex is Paul Chryst's playbook from what you used in high school?

Stave: It is different, it is more complex. There is just a lot more to it. More formations, more personnel, more everything. But we have been having a lot of good meetings with coach Chryst and I think I am picking it up pretty well.

Badger Nation: How is it working with Chryst, a guy most quarterbacks rave about?

Stave: I think he is doing a great job with me so far. I have learned so much just as far as reading the defense and understanding the offense. He has really helped me pick things up quickly.

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