A Perfect Score from Thompson

Ranked as the third-best tight end in the country by Scout.com and the only tight end recruit on Wisconsin's big board, Archbishop Wood (PA) High's Colin Thompson recaps his unofficial visit to Madison last weekend.

Badger Nation: Having talked to you after receiving the offer and before heading out, you always were excited about the visit to Wisconsin. After spending almost two full days there, did the visit live up to the hype?

Colin Thompson: It definitely did. On Friday, I spent some time with a bunch of players, including Maryland safety Frank Tamakloe, and I had a great time them. I got to meet a bunch of coaches and got a little tour of the football facility. On Saturday we had breakfast with the team, got to meet the academic advisors and throughout the day got to sit in on meetings with the coaches. We watched the scrimmage and met with the strength coach. He's a great guy, really enjoyed talking to him and he gave me some pointers to get me ready to play at the next level. All the players speak highly of all the coaches, especially Coach Bielema, Coach Rudolph and Coach Hammock, who are my three recruiting contacts. I talked to all three of them for probably 30 minutes apiece and I actually got to meet Coach Hammock's wife and daughter. It was a really good trip overall and I really enjoyed it.

Badger Nation: You talked about meeting with the coaches. What was the main message that came out of the individual meetings with the three of them?

Thompson: They told me that I was there number one guy and that I was the only tight end they had offered. They are bringing in three tight ends this year (Sam Arneson, Austin Maly and Austin Traylor). The coaches were really honest with how I could fit in with their pro-style offense, how they liked my athleticism and that I am a good person and the things that I bring to the table. They said a Wisconsin football player needs to be involved in the community, which I am, and a good person all around, which is why I enjoyed that it wasn't all about football there. I really enjoyed the whole trip.

Badger Nation: A lot of recruits coming off a visit say that they really enjoyed the people at Wisconsin, from the players to the coaches to the people on the street. Was that one of the big highlights for you, as well?

Thompson: Of course, and that's the reason you go to a school. A lot of people will tell you to not pick a school because of the coaches because a coach may leave, but so could everybody. You might not even make the team at a really good school. I think the people at Wisconsin are true to themselves. They aren't fake or bore you to death. They have a way about them and they like to work. They are all really great people. It was awesome.

Badger Nation: A lot of schools are recruiting you and trying to sell you on different things, but does it mean something special to you that a school like Wisconsin is only offering one tight end in this class and you are it?

Thompson: When I got my offer from Wisconsin, it was one of my first big time offers from outside the East Coast. When they offered, I knew that I had to get out there and it proved to me that it's a good place to play football with good people I like being around from the coaches to the players. It's an honor to be the only tight end they've offered, but I don't really care where I am ranked or seeded by people. I just want to play football.

Badger Nation: On a scale of 1 to 10 with one being the lowest, what would you rank your visit to Wisconsin?

Thompson: Definitely a 10. I had a really great time out there.

Badger Nation: You are off to Florida this week and then your plan is to come up with a top five. Talk to me about what's next after that for you?

Thompson: I am going to make a top five after my Florida visit and go from there. There are about eight schools that I am interested in at this point. I would like to make my decision before football season. I don't need to take any official visits, but it all depends on how I feel.

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