Q&A with Kevin Cosgrove: Part 2

Part Two of our Q&A with Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove.

What made the difference with Kareem Timbers this spring, with him stepping up into the starting drop linebacker role?

Cosgrove: I've always thought he had corner skills. Then we had him at safety because we were trying to get our best players on the field. He was just okay at safety, so we made a decision after the season we were going to move him out to corner and see what he could do. Like I said, I'm very pleased with his progress.

The biggest thing I see him doing is becoming a much better tackler. It's a different tackle too. He used to play inside as a safety, and it was a closer tackle. Now he's playing wide and it's more of an open-field tackle, and he's done a very good job of tackling, showing some toughness and physicalness. He has good speed, so he will be able to cover. He's athletic, he has good hips. So I'm pleased with his progress at corner.

How has Lamarr Watkins reacted to losing his starting spot?

Cosgrove: He's competing. He's competing. He just needs to be more consistent in what he's doing.

Coach Palermo has had a lot of success rotating a lot of guys on the defensive line. Now that you have a lot of depth in the linebacking corps, would you consider going to a similar system with that unit?

Cosgrove: I'd like to be able to rotate them, give Jeff (Mack) and Alex (Lewis) some rest. I think Kyle (McCorison) had a very good spring, but besides Kyle, Mark Zalewski and Elliot (Goode) are kind of stepping ahead of the pack. Elliot has been consistent all spring, but Mark made some tremendous strides the last week, so we're going to keep them coming.

Are you pleased with what you've seen from the switch of Jim Leonhard to free safety and Ryan Aiello to strong safety?

Cosgrove: Yeah, it gives them a better chance. Jimmy is a safety with corner skills and Ryan is a safety. We're going to try to put them in a position where they can have the best chance for success. That's the only thing we've done differently with them. I mean, we've changed some coverages and how we're doing things, but there's not a lot of drastic changes.

Is there anything you saw this spring that will make you address something this summer that you weren't planning on addressing? Did anything alarm you this spring, or did anything cause a change of plans going forward?

CosgroveNo, we know what we're doing. We're going to continue doing what we did this spring, just continue to get better at it.

Do you have more evaluations of players to take care of in the offseason, or at this point do you know who will be in your depth chart this fall?

Cosgrove: I think I have a pretty good idea. I think our depth right now is pretty set. Maybe a few instances as far as backups, but we just have to get our one's, develop that chemistry, get them playing together, get them in the heat of battle together and see how they fight together.

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