Q&A with Kevin Cosgrove: Part 1

Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove sat down with Badger Nation to discuss some of the defensive issues following spring football.

What are your overall impressions of the spring?

Cosgrove: "I think our one's have done a lot of good things. I think they have a really good understanding of what we're doing, I think they're able to execute, I think Brett Bell coming in for B.J. (Tucker) has had a solid spring. He's shown a lot of improvement. He'll continue to get better, but I think that's his natural position, corner. He's shown some physicalness, he's done a great job tackling this spring, so I'm pleased with his improvement. I feel real good about our one's. (Our) two's have done some good things, but don't have the consistency that we have from the one's. We have to continue to develop the two's and bring them along, but I think that our one's have a chance to be very good and the two's just have to continue to improve.

Coach Ron Lee has been impressed with the development of Robert Brooks and Chuckie Cowans in the secondary. Have you been as impressed as Coach Lee?

Cosgrove: "I think Robert has done a lot of good things this spring. Chuckie has shown signs of having a chance to help us. He's a guy that needs to be more consistent. He's improved, but yet we need to get more out of him."

Can you talk about why Levonne Rowan lost his starting right cornerback spot early in spring ball?

Cosgrove: "He has to get better. He has to get better. He has the ability. Fundamentally, he needs to get better. But he has a lot of topside. He's a big corner with a lot of speed. He just needs to play. He's still a freshman. You see signs of him doing some very good things, but there's too many inconsistencies right now. So he needs to improve."

Erasmus James and Jonathan Welsh are two guys with a ton of potential, but it seems like they have been missing that one element that will take them to the next level. Do you feel it will come together for them, and this will be their year?

Cosgrove: "I think, naturally, every year you expect all the guys to get better. I really think our two inside guys have done a lot of good things. Ras and Jon definitely have a lot of ability. But I think Jon has had a tremendous spring. Ras has done a lot of good things, but he still has to continue to improve, as does everybody on the defense. But our down guys...Darius Jones has done a lot of good things on that d-line, Nick Cochart...there's six guys in there that we know we can count on to give us very good play. We still have to continue to develop some of the young linebackers and some of the young kids in the back end, but we'll do that. I mean, our one's have done a lot of good things. The two's have too, but we just need to be more consistent."

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