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Wisconsin's 2012 recruiting class is shaping up better and better with each passing commitment, as four-star linebacker Vince Biegel (Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln) gives the UW coaching staff his verbal commitment Saturday. Biegel gives his first post-commit interview to Badger Nation.

Badger Nation: The recruiting process is never easy and yours was no different, considering your love for both Wisconsin and BYU. Tell me a little bit about the tough process you had to go through.

Vince Biegel: It was really tough decision and definitely a hard choice, especially since my dad played at BYU. BYU had some great coaches I really like, and Wisconsin does too. Both programs brought different things to the table, which I really like, but it came down to me wanting to play close to home and playing for Coach Huxtable. He's a really good guy, and I really enjoyed him. He's a Midwest guy and he likes players that work hard. One of the things that I liked about Wisconsin during the recruiting process was that they are a really tight group and all the guys really look after each other, which really stood out to me.

Badger Nation: When did you final make your decision? You went to BYU two weeks ago and you made a top three with Wisconsin, BYU and Michigan, so when was the final decision made?

Biegel: Well, Wisconsin was on me really early and I always had a little favoritism towards Wisconsin being the in-state school. They were in my heart the whole time, but I wanted to go through the recruiting process to make sure I wasn't missing out or overlooking anything. That's why I took those trips to BYU and Michigan and that's probably why I took so long to make my decision.

I wanted to see BYU, talk to all the guys and see what they had to offer. When I got back to BYU, I honestly didn't know where I wanted to go. I digested everything I saw and just thought in the end that Wisconsin was going to be the best decision for me and my family. We made the decision about two nights ago, and I am really happy about the decision. I feel confident and I feel it's time to go on to the next stage, which is getting the best players to commit to Wisconsin. I'll be calling guys, talking to guys to get the best recruiting class that Wisconsin can possibly get.

Badger Nation: When did you break the news to Coach Bret Bielema and what was his reaction?

Biegel: I actually tried to get a hold of Coach Bielema a few times before we came down. I couldn't get a hold of him, and I wanted him to be the first one to know. We ended up actually going to Coach Alvarez's office and I told him that I was going to be a Badger. He was super excited and I talked to Coach Bielema, all the coaches before the game and they were really exciting. I know they were focused on the game, but I could tell Coach Bielema was really excited and I was really excited about becoming a Badger.

Badger Nation: To be honest, your commitment might be viewed as the highlight of the day.

Biegel: (laughing) Well, I thought the game was good and there were a lot of good recruits there. It was a good time right there to talk to some guys. I talked to D.J. Singleton and Walker Williams about the schools. Today was really the first day to meet and try to get the best guys to come to Wisconsin to try and help us win a national championship.

Badger Nation: Like you said, there were a lot of recruits there from last year's class and next year's class. Who else did you get a chance to talk to and to mingle with?

Biegel: Dan Voltz, the first guy to commit, is an awesome guy. I got the chance to meet him for the first time today and he's a really good guy and I am excited to be teammates with him. He's a player, man, and that's what we want. We want to get the best players around us, and we'll do anything we can to do that, whether it be calling up guys, facebooking guys, whatever. We're excited about this class with the two of us and Vonte Jackson. The class is starting out good and hopefully, we can get some more big guys in.

Badger Nation: What excited you the most about the school you just committed to?

Biegel: Well, I am going to be surrounded by a bunch of Midwest guys. We all know what we want and that's to win a national championship. Wisconsin guys work hard. I plan on going to Wisconsin, earning my stripes becoming a Badger and being a team player.

Badger Nation: For those that haven't seen you play or haven't seen your film, what kind of player is Wisconsin getting in Vince Biegel?

Biegel: I think I bring some positive things to the University. I am a hard worker and I am going to try to push the guys around me. I am not going to be a nuisance in the locker room and I am going to try to be a leader and a captain on the team. I also believe that I am a hard worker, a guy that can rush the passer and can also go out in coverage, as well.

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