Stocco Talks About Spring

Quarterback John Stocco remains the No. 3 quarterback following spring football. Stocco talks about spring ball, including his disappointing performance in the Spring Game.

Unfortunately for redshirt freshman John Stocco, spring football wasn't exactly what many people had predicted for him. While Stocco performed well at times, he did not take the next step, winning the backup quarterback role.

Matt Schabert still owns the No. 2 spot, and Stocco will have to play better in fall camp if he wants to wrestle that away. During the Spring Game, Stocco was 6-of-11 for 49 yards with an interception. Devin Hollins, the No. 4 quarterback, threw for just 10 yards and two interceptions, so Stocco was certainly not alone.

"We threw a few (interceptions) but we'll cut those back and be ready to go in the fall," Stocco said. "I was definitely nervous. It was the first time for me, where everything is 100 percent full speed, so it was a lot faster. I was trying to slow things down, but I was definitely nervous.

Stocco said the fact he needed to outperform Schabert in the Spring Game never entered his mind. He was out to show what he can do when the bullets are flying. Unfortunately, Stocco's best was not on display.

Stocco had much stronger practices throughout the spring, but his level of consistency entering the summer does not match Schabert's. As a result, he will remain the No. 3 guy heading into next season.

But Stocco is still learning, and he has his entire career ahead of him.

"There are a lot of things you need to know (at quarterback)," Stocco said. "You have to know what you're doing…all the quarterbacks help each other out a lot. Anytime we have any questions, everyone is going to answer them. We're a real close group. We get along really well. There is a lot of competition between all of us, but it's just kind of day-to-day."

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