Midwestern Surprise for Miller

Wisconsin's offense thrives on big offensive linemen, and there are few bigger prospects on the West Coast that Ramona (Calif) High's Kwayde Miller, who owns two scholarship offers and could be in line for more.

MADISON -Growing up in California and one of the bigger prospects in the West at 6-foot-8 and over 290 pounds, Kwayde Miller was expecting his scholarship interest to come from his surrounding area and the Pac 12 conference.

And while Miller has been mostly right, getting his first scholarship offer from San Diego State and having gotten inquires from coaches at UCLA and USC, it was a surprise for Miller that his first BCS offer came from 2,000 miles away at the University of Wisconsin.

"I was a little surprised hearing from Wisconsin," Miller told Badger Nation. "They hadn't talked to me before offering, but my coach said they saw my film and asked about me. My coach told me about it and then called him again to tell him that they were going to offer me."

If there is one area Wisconsin can afford to go outside its comfort zone to recruits, it's the offensive linemen. Over the last several recruiting cycles, Wisconsin has grabbed unknown linemen from small towns in Wisconsin, like Berlin's Dallas Lewallen, and gone outside the state to previously untapped areas to find success (Maryland for Robby Havenstein) and to make inquires (Alabama for Spencer Region).

Not only as UW gone into California, but Wisconsin has offered Washington prospects Zach Banner and Walker Williams, as offensive line coach Bob Bostad has been busy in the Pacific Time Zone.

"I've talked to Coach Bostad a couple times every once in awhile, and our relationship is pretty good," Miller said. "We talk about football and about stuff in general, (and) I didn't know a lot about Wisconsin until I started talking to him. He was telling me about the school's two Outland Trophy winners and after researching it, I was impressed with the amount of linemen they put in the draft. I like what I've seen so far."

Miller's research not only led him to the three offensive linemen drafted last weekend, but of the impressive environment of Camp Randall Stadium, the campus surrounded by the two lakes and the atmosphere he saw on video.

"I was like, ‘Holy Crap,' with the entrance they do and the fans doing ‘Jump Around,'" said Miller, who watched one half of the Rose Bowl, the entire amount of UW's he's seen live lifetime. "I found that really intriguing. The campus looks beautiful, so I can't wait to take a visit up there."

It has already been a productive offseason for Miller, who worked hard to lose fat on his body before building it back up with muscle to become stronger and leaner. While Miller only has two offers, he said Alabama, Nebraska, UCLA and USC are sending him the most mail, although he doesn't know when or if his next offer will come.

"I talked to the offensive line coach at UCLA and he asked me to send him some more film," Miller said.

Miller doesn't plan on ending his recruitment anytime soon, as he wants to take advantage of more opportunity for scholarships and official visits.

"Money is an issue, but I might try to camp or take an official visit, which I am looking forward to doing during the season," Miller said. "I don't know where I am going to go yet, but I hope I can get some more exposure over the summer. I am close enough to the LA schools and have been there for camps, so I familiar with those schools."

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