A Thrill Each Time for Dodson

He's one of the biggest, meanest, most talented offensive tackles in the state of Ohio, but that doesn't mean four-star Cleveland Heights (OH) Kyle Dodson can't get a little excited each time a new scholarship offer comes is extended to him.

MADISON - No matter the scholarship offer, how big or small, Kyle Dodson usually will run to the computer and post the news on Facebook followed by a half dozen exclamation points.

It doesn't matter that he's one of the highest-rated offensive lineman in the state of Ohio. Dodson is thrilled each time a coach thinks so highly of him that he commits a full scholarship offer to his potential.

At 6-foot-8, 310 pounds, Dodson, a four-star offensive tackle from Cleveland Heights (OH) rated the No. 27 offensive tackle nationally by Scout.com, has offers from the Big Ten, ACC, SEC and the Big East, offers numbering over 20 and continuing to grow.

"It really does mean a lot to me to be wanted by a college enough to offer me a full-ride scholarship," Dodson told Badger Nation. "That definitely makes me feel and motivated me to the highest level. I am really motivated for my college career."

Before Dodson can enroll in college or even make his decision, he has the challenging task of narrowing down his massive offer list. Since the winter, Dodson has been to numerous schools on official visits, including two trips to nearby Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and to Wisconsin for a spring practice.

It's usually hard to get an impression of a team when they practice indoors, but Dodson got a pretty good impression of how the Badgers' offensive line likes to operate.

"The o-line coaches there were juts excellent and the offensive linemen were always going full speed in the drills or whatever else they were doing," Dodson said. "They looked great, and they were smashing the defensive line the whole prospect."

After practice, Dodson was able to get meetings set up between him and head coach Bret Bielema, recruiting coach DelVaughn Alexander, offensive line coach Bob Bostad and other members of the coaching staff.

"They told me that offensive linemen have a great opportunity at Wisconsin, and I believe them," Dodson said. "I talked to Coach Alexander pretty often and he has come to see me at my track meet. He's a good guy and we have a good relationship."

On the surface, Dodson would appear to be a thrower of the shot put or the discus, and not a sprinter. Able to run the 100-yard dash in 14.4 seconds, it's no surprise that schools are excited about his potential.

"I could actually run faster if I had spikes on," Dodson said.

Dodson said a lot of schools have been in to visit him during the spring evaluation process, including Purdue, who he expects to offer him next, and Ohio State, seemingly the only big-time offer Dodson doesn't have on his list.

"If they do have offer, that's cool but if they don't, they don't," Dodson said. "I am excited about my offer list right now and I have a bunch of great opportunities in front of me, so I am not going to be heartbroken if they don't offer me."

Once track season ends, Dodson plans to head to camps at Penn State and Pittsburgh with his team, but has yet to plan anything individually. As for his decision, Dodson is simply trying to investigate more into his offers and narrow his list before he's ready to take the final step.

"I am starting to put together a top 10 list after thinking about all these schools in my head, but I can tell you that Wisconsin is definitely on that list," Dodson said. "I really want to take some official visits, because I think I really would enjoy them, and I heard Wisconsin is a great place for a game."

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