A Special Circumstance for Tyree

Jevon Tyree has grown up on the East Coast, and believes his best fit for playing college football would be staying close to home. Wisconsin running back coach Thomas Hammock is on his way to proving that Tyree could be just as good of a fit in Madison.

MADISON - When sifting through a massive scholarship offer list, most college kids rely on their individual factors to help narrow down. Things like early playing time, relationship with the coaches, a winning history and tradition and school and campus atmosphere are just a few of the many aspects an athlete goes through.

For South Brunswick (NJ) cornerback Jason Tyree, his breaking point is proximity.

"I am really overwhelmed with what is going on right now, with all the offers and all the attention," Tyree told Badger Nation. "Being close to home is definitely important. It's about me knowing that if I go to a college near here, I know the society and the people around me. It's more chances of me liking where I go to school rather than going somewhere far away and being totally out of my element."

Not surprisingly, Tyree's offer list has an East Coast bias, as the 5-11, 180-pound three-star cornerback – ranked No.31 in the country by Scout.com - has offers from Boston College, Connecticut, Penn State, Pittsburgh and Rutgers.

But when a school like Iowa and Minnesota extend an offer or national runner-up Oregon comes in to visit, Tyree politely says ‘thanks, but no thanks.'

"I don't want to go somewhere where I don't fit in well with the community," Tyree said.

Although Tyree is planning a college career near his home, he did say that he may play football a few hours away if there are special circumstances. For now, those special circumstances seem to be the University of Wisconsin.

The Badgers are the only school West of Pennsylvania that Tyree is taking a genuine close look because of his close, personal relationship with the Wisconsin coaching staff, so much so that he's planning on taking an official visit to Wisconsin in September.

"I think the fact that the coaching staff has really taken their time talking to me and keeping up with me," Tyree said. "They are always calling my coaches, talking to me about different things and they really just caught my interest. Doing my research, they are a really good team, having just gone to the Rose Bowl. I'm taking a chance on Wisconsin to see if I would like it."

Tyree is primarily being recruited by running back Thomas Hammock and Tyree says the easy-going conversations have helped them develop a good relationship.

"It's like talking to one of my friends," Tyree said. "He's really easy to relate to and doesn't put a lot of pressure on me. He's one of the coaches I feel comfortable talking to me."

Tyree says all his schools are on the same level, and that he doesn't plan on making a decision until after his senior year of football. Tyree says he plans on taking his other four official visits to campuses at least four hours away from his house.

With that in mind, don't expect Tyree to be taking an official visit to Rutgers, seeing as he can ride his bike down the block and be standing on the Scarlet Knights' campus.

"I have been going to Rutgers games ever since I was little, so I know them well," Tyree said. "I grew up with them and if you grow up in that community, you are automatically going to like Rutgers."

When asked what type of cornerback he likes to be labeled as, Tyree used one specific example to illustrate his point. Rarely tested throughout the season, the quarterback for North Brunswick apparently didn't get the scouting report on Tyree, as he tested him early and often. The results were Tyree's first three interceptions of the season.

"I guess the quarterback was just unaware that I was a decent corner," Tyree said.

This fall, Wisconsin is hoping Tyree recognizes that there are decent schools out west.

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