Brooks Bollinger Q&A: Part 2

Part Two of a Q&A with quarterback Brooks Bollinger, who is headed out to New York on Thursday.

Is it a nice feeling to be taken ahead of some other top college quarterbacks? Guys like Ken Dorsey and Brad Banks?

Bollinger: Yeah, I think I definitely helped myself from the time the season ended until today, just the individual workouts and meeting with people. I think regardless of what you do and how all the workouts go, actually getting drafted and getting everything to fall into place is a whole (different) story. I think that's something I learned (Sunday). A lot of things have to line up for a team to actually go ahead and take you. I'm lucky to be taken where I was. I keep saying it, but I'm very happy with the way (the draft) went.

Was there ever a point when you thought you might not be selected?

Bollinger: It definitely crossed my mind (Sunday). Because I went into this thing saying free agent, whatever happens, I just want to get the chance. But then things go well for you and people start telling you stuff, and no matter how hard you try, it still sneaks into your head, `What if that does happen? It would be great to go a little higher and get picked in the mid-rounds or whatever, or get picked at all.' So I don't think I got too caught up in expectations or watching every pick and getting upset that I wasn't taken but when you're sitting there and picks are going by, you start to think, `Well maybe I'm going to be a free agent.' If that were to happen, you go to plan B and there's still a chance to…you're still in camp and have a chance to make a team.

Which other teams showed a lot of interest in you throughout the process?

Bollinger: New York and Green Bay were here on Pro Day, their quarterback coaches, and then Washington came in, Kansas City came in, Minnesota came in and Miami had me down there for a visit. So those were kind of the teams, and a couple of teams came in late and said they were pretty interested a couple of days (before the draft). But those were kind of the teams that I was thinking would be taking a look at me.

How do you answer the critics who have said your arm isn't good enough for the NFL?

Bollinger: Well I think that's something that I've answered to a lot of people already. A lot of coaches have flat out told me after I was done (working out) that I had a lot stronger arm than they anticipated. That's something that, for whatever reason, people felt that I didn't have that strong of an arm. And granted, I don't have a Brett Favre arm or anything like that. I can't kneel on the (50-yard line) and throw it to the goal post. I think I have a strong enough arm to play in that league. I think I've proven that to people, and that's a big reason why my stock rose or however you want to say (that).

Were you surprised that Drew Henson was drafted?

Bollinger: Yeah, it caught me off-guard. I had heard rumors of it. But after the (Houston) Texans guy came on and kind of explained it, I can definitely see where they're coming from. He's definitely a great player and a great athlete. I just don't know how likely it is…that's a lot of money to give back.

Did you receive any other phone calls on Sunday from other teams that might have chosen you?

Bollinger: There were some teams that called. The one that I talked to in-depth was Washington. They called earlier and just said…Noah Brindise, their quarterback coach who came down here and worked me out and was a good guy. It was probably in the fifth, somewhere around there. He just said, `We don't have a pick until the seventh.' Because they had very few picks in this draft (three), and didn't have a fifth or sixth-round pick. He said, `You're the guy we want, and I'll be pulling for you if you're around in the seventh.' At that point I was happy to have somebody on the phone, even though they said not until the seventh.

Are you going to have to amp up your wardrobe, living in New York?

Bollinger: I'm just excited about the food and getting out there. It will be a fun experience out there for me. It's kind of a whole different world for me, so it will be an adventure.

When do you head out to New York?

Bollinger: I'm heading out to New York Thursday. I will leave Thursday and come back Sunday, then go back to New York once school is over with.

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