Steger Finds his Balance

Rock Island (Ill.) offensive lineman Bradley Steger knows he's a long shot for a Wisconsin scholarship offer, especially since he plays in a one-trick pony offense. But the 300-pound lineman's performance has possibly given him an opportunity down the road.

MADISON - When playing for a high school that runs as much as Rock Island (Ill.) HS, Bradley Steger has become an expert at knowing his keys, the calls and pushing an unsuspecting defensive lineman to the turf. It's the other part of his game that gives Steger the problems.

Steger – a 6-foot-7, 305-pound offensive lineman – is an important cog to an offense that runs the ball 95 percent of the time and does it with success, as the Rocks went 8-2 and won the conference title last season.

So when it came time to choose his summer camp schedule, Steger knew that he had to go to Wisconsin, and he had to spend much time at the offensive line capitol as he could.

"I wanted to get more for my money than just going to the one," Steger said. "It gave me a better opportunity to learn all the fundamentals they were giving out. At the one day, I don't think I would have been able to learn everything."

Steger was part of a big offensive line contingent during Wisconsin's camp, a group that included 2013 linemen Steven Elmer and Ethan Pocic.

"I think it was really worthwhile," Steger said. "The pass blocking was all a new thing for me just so I knew I wasn't going to be perfect at it. I really improved, so I give a lot of credit to the coaches for teaching me all that stuff. Coach Bostad was a really good guy. When we went to different stations, he was always giving feedback to help everyone improve."

Steger said his best feedback came during the run block station work; no real surprise considering the Rock Island school system preps their linemen how to open run gaps at an early age.

"They teach us from fifth grade up, so that what I've been looking forward to," Steger said. "It's been really my stronghold right now."

In addition to having camped at Indiana and Illinois, Steger said he's been receiving a lot of letters and phone calls from Illinois State, Northern Illinois, North Dakota State, Northern Iowa, Southern Illinois and Western Illinois. In terms of Wisconsin, the coaching staff has been intrigued to possibly go the walk-on route because of its small scholarship numbers.

"They said if I wanted a chance at a scholarship, I would have to come to their camp so they can see what I was like as a football player," Steger said. "I showed them that I am a fast learner and that I have a lot of potential."

Steger certainly did himself well, saying his best camp so far this summer was at Wisconsin.

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