Williams Soaks in Wisconsin

After getting a taste of what Wisconsin had to offer on his first trip for the school's spring game, Tacoma (WA) Baptist offensive tackle Walker Williams returned to Madison last weekend to get a closer look and ask more questions about one of his top schools.

MADISON - Fresh off paying for his second flight out to Wisconsin to see the campus and visit with players and coaches, Tacoma (WA) Baptist High offensive tackle Walker Williams wants to make it clear that he isn't ready to name the Badgers as his top school heading into the fall.

He just likes them … a lot.

"I am really liking Wisconsin right now and I would definitely say they are in my top three right now," Williams told Badger Nation Sunday. "I don't know who else I would put up there, but I know Wisconsin is up there."

In his first trip to the campus for the team's spring game, Williams (6-7, 321 pounds) flew down with his parents and got a full tour of the campus, got to meet the coaching staff and the players and got to get a glimpse of what a game day is like at Wisconsin. This time, Williams came with his mom, although she was happy to stand in the background while Williams did most of the talking.

"I was able to talk a lot to the coaches and hang out the players by myself," Williams said. "The only thing she came along for was the academic portion of the visit. Everything else with football, I did myself, asked my own questions and got a lot of good answers."

Some of the questions Williams were looking for what the biggest difficulties were for incoming freshmen athletically, socially and academically? What do student-athletes usually have trouble with? How do engineering students balance football and school? With every tough question, Williams got an easy answer.

"I got some pretty straight forward answers," Williams said. "I asked a bunch of questions and got some good answers. This visit was more getting those specific questions answers and filling in the blanks. I wanted to get to those the players and coaches a little bit better, too."

Williams spent over three days on campus, arriving Thursday and leaving Sunday, and said he spoke to tons of people, from academic professors to the entire coaching staff to sitting in on offensive line meetings with offensive line coach Bob Bostad. Just like a lot of other recruits that have visited the University of Wisconsin, Williams said the most impactful part of the visit was spending time with the players as much as he could.

"They are a really close-knit group and you can tell it's real," Williams said of the UW players. "I've been to some other places where there are players that straight up don't like each other. They don't hang out together because of the rivalry they have on the team. I hung out with Peter Konz and we sat down to have lunch and we sat with some defensive linemen. At some schools, you really wouldn't see that."

In addition to Wisconsin, Williams holds offers from Colorado, Eastern Washington, Oregon State, UCLA Utah and Washington. His next scheduled visit to a school is back to Wisconsin a third time, this time for an official visit on October 1 for the game against Nebraska.

"Like a lot of the players, I'm excited for that game," Williams said.

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