Ohio OL Gaining Momentum

Ohio offensive line prospect Evan Spanogians comes from a rich football family, including an uncle who was a high school teammate of Barry Alvarez.

Last year when you talked Lakota West (Ohio) football you heard about Brandon Maupin.  This year the name everyone has been talking about is Steve Rehring.  While Steve is looking very good, another player is getting some very strong and hard looks.

Evan Spanogians is shaping up to become one of Ohio's lesser known but top prospects.  Early interest has come from Northwestern and several other Big Ten schools.  Evans dad tells us that 75 schools have sent information to his son.  And Evan has seen the University of Cincinnati  stay very active in keeping Evan close to home.

Why has Evan gone under the recruiting radar screen?  Its simple, he's playing out of postion in High School.  Evan stands 6'4" and weighs 265 lbs. with a 40 time of 4.9 and a 28 vertical jump.  While that is good for an O-linemen its not very good for a Tight End.  Evan knows that his future is playing guard or center at the next level, and he has no problem with that.  All he wants is a chance to earn a scholarship and work towards a degree in Chemical Engineering.  With that in mind, we know the types of schools who should be calling on this young man.  Other schools showing great interest include Stanford, Wake Forest and Vanderbilt.  All schools that need Student-Athletes not just athletes.

While Evan is getting noticed on the field he's also a very good student.  Concentrating on honors and college preparatory classes Evan is holding a 3.5 GPA.  While many students would be happy with a GPA like this, Evan and his family know he can do better.  Evans father John informed us Evan's mother is not very happy with his GPA at this time.  She knows he can do better.

What makes Evan even a bigger story is the fact he didn't play football until his Sophomore year and has only been lifting weights for two years.  Evan had been a baseball and basketball player until he found football.  How well is Evan thought of?  His baseball coach told Evan he should work on football and hit the weight room instead of trying to hit curves.

In talking with Evan's father he informed OhioPrepScene about the family history.  Evan's grandfather graduated from Pittsburgh and Evan's uncle played high school football with Wisconsin Coach Barry Alvarez.  Both schools have shown interest in Evan.  At this time Evan and his family have not picked what camps they will head for.  John Spanogians told us "Evan has been invited to many different camps for one day.  We just have to sit down and pick what schools we need to head for.  We know its not going to be easy to pick".

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