Q&A with Jeff Mack: Part 2

Part Two of Badger Nation's Q&A with linebacker Jeff Mack.

Are there any former captains that stand out in your mind, that were especially effective and you would like to follow in their footsteps?

Mack: Well from a defensive standpoint, all the linebackers that we've had that have been captains like Donnell (Thompson) and Nick Greisen and Pete Monty at that time. I mean, I was young. I don't really remember it too much, but I know (Monty) was the defensive leader of the team that year. Just trying to follow their footsteps. The one thing that was in common with most all of those guys is they won championships. Hopefully we can do that, and hopefully I can be a part of that in any way, shape or form possible.

Did you talk to any of the 1993 Rose Bowl team members when they visited here for the spring game?

Mack: Yeah, I talked to a number of them. It's great just getting their insight on different aspects of playing football and going through school and things like that, because they had to deal with the two things too, football and class. Just their team unity, and how they feel about their team, it's similar to how we feel about our team right now. And I think we have the chance, if everything goes right, if we play our cards right, we can do the same thing.

Do you remember much about that 1993 season?

Mack: I must have been in sixth grade, 10 years ago. Time does fly…I remember the Ohio State game, because I was sitting downstairs watching TV, and I remember the Michigan game because I actually went there.

The offensive line has traditions that they pass down from generation to generation, from the Panos Era, to the McIntosh Era, to the Johnson Era and so on. Do the linebackers have any traditions that are passed down from captain to captain?

Mack: No we don't have anything. We have `Just win.' That's what they were telling me. Just win. No we don't have anything like that, but we all keep in touch and things like that.

While this is team as championship hopes, it's still a fairly young team. Is there anything that you'd like to emphasize to the younger players in your captain role?

Mack: Just work ethic on the field and off the field. Make sure you take care of the things off the field first, like your academics and make sure socially everything is fine and things like that. That's what you want to do first, because you want to give them a good foundation, so then they can build upon that. Do well in school so that you're eligible to play. That's good to get your basic fundamentals down and everything like that, and how it will work.

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